bridal sparkle.

picking the jewelry you wear on your wedding day is a big deal. and it’s not an easy task.

your wedding dress is typically the most expensive clothing you’ve ever worn + the most photographed.

I enlisted the help of baublebar’s swat stylists to style my bridesmaids. remember? I absolutely loved the looks they put together for my bridesmaids. and I was so happy with the whole process. during my first dress fitting, I was asked “what jewelry will you be wearing with your dress?”. I had no idea. I’d thought about it, but the task was so daunting I kept pushing it off. as soon as I got home, I asked for baublebar’s help again. this time for me.

bridal sparkle c/o

bridal sparkle c/o

bridal sparkle c/o

bridal sparkle c/o

bridal sparkle c/o

[all photographs taken by HDC photography].

my bridesmaids are wearing this statement necklace, sparkly stud earrings, and this beach-appropriate bracelet. I’m wearing these statement earrings and this + this bracelet.

how did you choose your bridal jewels?

call me crazy, but I love that my bridesmaid jewelry really is something they can wear again.

happy monday.

wedding // bridesmaid baubles.

weddings are synonymous with an insane amount of decisions. and when you seek guidance, all can be answered with “whatever makes you happy”. oh thanks, that helps. [insert: sarcasm].

I decided on the bridesmaid dresses fairly quickly. almost too quick, so the second guessing began. but after a little reassuring from the girls who will be wearing the dresses my bridesmaids, I made the final decision. picture this: white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and sapphire blue long strapless bridesmaid gowns.

next decision to be made: jewelry to perfectly complement said gowns + sandy beaches.

thank you to the bauble bar for instantly easing my mind + helping.

I sent a request to their SWAT* team with details of the dresses + what I envisioned. and was quickly greeted by my hero erin, who put together this pinterest board based on the info I provided for her. a couple yes & no’s later, erin created 5 potential looks for my bridesmaids.

wedding // bridesmaid baubles c/o

which way do I go?

I love the idea of a statement necklace with the strapless dresses. but on the flip-side, I love the simplicity of no necklace, just gorgeous drop earrings.

happy wednesday.