the adventure begins.

the adventure begins //

I could not be happier to share with all of you ..

I began a new full-time position.

[tomorrow will mark the completion of two full weeks].

the road to get here was so long, with many lulls. but it truly makes it that much more exciting + worth it. it’s hard not to get down on yourself when your job search yields numerous “we’re sorry, we have decided to go with another candidate. good luck!”. it is easy to second-guess your worth. but don’t. I gave myself the “they don’t know what they’re passing on” pep talk countless times. and now that I’m in a great position, it makes me want to work harder than ever.

now my concern is how am I going to decorate my office?

[if you know of any great etsy shops, I’d love the recommendation. I want inspirational prints + fun items everywhere. I do spend 8 hours a day in that chair].

happy thursday.

friday, we’ll see you soon!

missing in action.

I have been missing in action.

my sincerest apologies.

but … I’m back. in full swing.

[I’m clearly taking full advantage of labor day. not even laboring on my appearance].

and I have a tad bit of news

I’m back on the market. the job search market, that is.


obviously this is not ideal. but you gotta do what you gotta do. and you must be happy. so back to square one. [‘square one’ defined: the situation in which you begin an endeavor and to which you return if your efforts fail]. fail. the most important thing is to stay positive ..& to keep on keepin’ on. the right thing is out there somewhere …preferably right around the corner.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

in the meantime, this week will be a catch up week. I have A LOT to share. including the fact that I turned twenty-five years old seven days ago.

visit each day this week, I’ll be here :)

happy labor [free] day!