the adventure begins.

the adventure begins //

I could not be happier to share with all of you ..

I began a new full-time position.

[tomorrow will mark the completion of two full weeks].

the road to get here was so long, with many lulls. but it truly makes it that much more exciting + worth it. it’s hard not to get down on yourself when your job search yields numerous “we’re sorry, we have decided to go with another candidate. good luck!”. it is easy to second-guess your worth. but don’t. I gave myself the “they don’t know what they’re passing on” pep talk countless times. and now that I’m in a great position, it makes me want to work harder than ever.

now my concern is how am I going to decorate my office?

[if you know of any great etsy shops, I’d love the recommendation. I want inspirational prints + fun items everywhere. I do spend 8 hours a day in that chair].

happy thursday.

friday, we’ll see you soon!

business casual.

my daily wardrobe has had to make some minor modifications, as of late. [aka: pajamas are no longer acceptable every day wear]. and as much as I enjoyed the company of my lounge-wear, I’ve traded it in.¬†except on nights + weekends.

every work environment varies, along with it the dress code. but regardless my outfit must speak to me and say ..

I am a confident business professional. I am here to be taken seriously and do my job. I do not want my clothes to be a distraction, unless you’re stopping by my office to tell me “I love your outfit!”.

if you have to ask yourself if it’s appropriate, err on the side of caution. don’t wear it.

[as my momma always said, “save something for the imagination”].

business casual //

look 1: bow blouse / soft pants / blue smoking flats.

look 2: deep purple blouse / pebble ankle pants / studded ballet flats.

look 3: geometric blouse / textured skirt / two-piece dress heels.

look 4: striped sweater / skinny career pants / dress wedges.

one more thing: you don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice + professional.

[all pieces $40 or less].

happy wednesday.

cheers to good news.

life isn’t all peaches & pies.

and thank god it’s not.


do I love going through ‘hard times‘?


do I love when I’m able to wave goodbye to those said ‘hard times‘?


and folks, I’m a wavin’ :)


after 3 months of intense job searching…

I am off to the land of employment!!

[beginning wednesday].


I could not be more thankful for my family, friends, & [J] for being so supportive throughout this time. job searching stinks [no, I’m not a 4 year old was ‘stinks’ or something much worse]. the more no’s I heard, the more I wanted to scream “good I didn’t want you either“. but I just kept on chugging along. I hoped knew the right thing would come around at the right time.

and oh my goodness: could this opportunity have come at a better time? no.

I had enough lessons [all valuable]. and my bank account had enough abuse.

I am so, so excited to begin my new position. earn a paycheck again. meet new people. get back in the groove. be in the heart of downtown chicago.

is there anything I’m not excited about? waking up at 5AM.


any “how to wake up early & not be miserable tips ..I am here with open ears! lay ‘em on me!

I will share more details & photos once I get into the swing of things :)

happy monday.