infinity scarf + oversized sweater.

last week I shared my obsession with {over-sized sweaters}.

today I share that obsession, on me.

it’s versatile, easy to throw on, & comfortable.

[I’m still not 100% at ease in front of the camera. I’m usually dying laughing through the “session”. sorry [J]. so bare with me, I’m/it’s a work in progress].

infinity scarf + oversized sweater //

infinity scarf + oversized sweater //

infinity scarf + oversized sweater //

infinity scarf + oversized sweater //

infinity scarf + oversized sweater //

infinity scarf + oversized sweater // and I’m out.

sweater: {similar}/infinity scarf: {similar}/boots: {simply vera}/on my nails: julep’s {hoch} & OPI’s {metallic4life}.

it’s reallllly the perfect winter go to!

[if nothing else, I’m becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. and [J] is getting grrreat practice on his photography skills].

happy tuesday all.

[I think [J] & I are headed downtown this afternoon, for some {christkindlmarket} action. woo hoo! I love holiday activities].

see ya tomorrow :)

the week in photos.

it’s the last day of november.

and surprisingly, I’m ready & excited for december. I spent alllll day yesterday organizing my life [budgets, job search material, etc]. so I am anticipating next month to be very productive & rewarding. [with a lot of hard work, of course].

on the same note – someone tell [J]: november is his date month. and it ends at midnight tonight. he’s rapidly running out of time. [yes, yes I was a little late executing my {october date}, but I think the effort I put in blew away the fact it was two days into november. just saying].

now ..

the last week of november in photos.

  1. it’s so hard [for me] to go to a mexican restaurant and not get a margarita. it was lunchtime. one thing to say: it’s 5 o’clock somewhere folks! [and don’t let a clock tell you when it’s acceptable to enjoy a cocktail. a european would NEVER judge an afternoon boozy beverage].
  2. I forced [J] to accompany me on a late night convenient store adventure. this is what we returned home with. [I don’t normally drink soda OR eat bags of chips. AND I was sober ..must’ve been a full moon?].
  3. tell me what is better than hobby lobby during the holidays? we didn’t get the hat, yet.
  4. quite possibly the beginnings of a christmas photo. to be christmas card. and the best holiday props ever. [also from hobby lobby].
  5. the tree is up, lit, and decorated. [I’ll put a finished product shot up next week].
  6. the perfect desk accessory: a chalkboard, rocking your fav/latest inspirational quote.
  7. over-sized sweaters. accompanied by leopard scarves. my winter staple. [outfit post?].
  8. got three new julep nail polishes. currently wearing: dark purple. with white polka dots on my ring fingers.

enjoy the last day of november.

have a grrrrreat weekend.

see ya in december :)