life lesson[s].

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“things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you”.

you mean I went to school to learn?


strangely enough, this is a tough one for me. quite possibly because I believe I’ve learned many things outside of school. from life experiences.

I did fine in school. and my grades were good. but I wasn’t the best in math. I didn’t have raw any talent for art. I was involved in music, but only enjoyed it to be with my friends. history, english, biology ..they were all things I had to do, not wanted. so when I got to college and was told to pick my major .. I didn’t have the slightest. I was intimidated by the people that knew exactly where they wanted to go in life. because I didn’t. how was I to know? I had never been overwhelmingly amazing at anything. [there’s always going to be someone better. but that does not mean you’re not good. or that you can’t improve. if you enjoy it, do it]. I chose business. the sky was the limit. the possibilities endless. you can be creative & analytical all at the same time, which I thought were two qualities that described me. but you also learn key life skills in business; how to communicate more effectively, money management, leadership, and ethics. just to name a few. I am happy with the path I took for my education. but you know what I’ve learned since graduating ..

I love to write.

I love to read.

I love to do art & DIY projects.

I enjoy cooking.

all things I never knew I had a passion for in school. all things that are now a part of my daily life.

so school is all well & good. but dive in, expose yourself to many things ..and stick with what makes you happy. because truly, that’s what matters in the end.

what school didn't teach me //


and when I asked [J] for a little advice on this topic, he said “don’t trust a fart”. I guess that’s good advice too. but don’t most people learn that hard lesson in school? sitting in a quiet classroom? yikes.

happy thursday.


live like you’re dying.

for {blog every day in may}, day 16 is ..

“something difficult about your ‘lot in life’ and how you’re working to overcome it”.

I had every intention of digging deep & writing about my challenges & set backs in life. but I’m taking my own advice {see earlier post}, and looking on the bright side .. [bare with me ..]

I went to a funeral today. of a 46 year old husband. and father of 3 girls. [a 17, 14, & 11 year old].

he is my mom’s first cousin. there are 28 of them total. he was the youngest, and the first to pass away ..

he died unexpectedly.

it is undeniable this man made his mark on the world.

he was so humble. yet so accomplished.

not only in his career [which is extremely impressive in itself], but in the girls he coached ..who wore their soccer & basketball jerseys to the funeral.

to the priest, that was clearly so touched by his life, he was in tears just speaking of him.

to his extended family that read his obituary and were astounded by his accomplishments. “he was just scott”. a man who loved his family, but never boosted.

this same man lost his father at the age of two. and learned very early, life is precious.

principal riverwalk. des moines, IA // ZTS photo


he was the man behind the principal river walk & pedestrian bridge in des moines, IA. so beautiful.

[see above].

the priest said something during the funeral that resonated with me ..

many people get to the end of their life, look back, and wish they would’ve done more. although this man’s life was cut entirely too short, he lived his fully. it’s quite incredible. and the way it should be.

the way I want to look back on mine.

none of us know which day will be our last. and I am almost certain, we all want to look back on a fulfilled life, with no regrets or wishes.

the source of my inspiration is sad, but the lesson is beautiful.

we all go through hard times & have struggles. but we have one chance, to give it all we’ve got. make time for what makes you happy, what you’re passionate about. because that is what matters in the end.

live like you’re dying.


january book club review.

insert first read: {The End Of Your Life Book Club} by will schwalbe.

the end of your life book clubthe breakdown: this book is a memoir, written from the author’s perspective. learning his mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer [“not curable, but treatable”], and their journey as a family during her last years of life. Mary Anne Schwalbe [the mother] was without a doubt an amazing, inspirational woman, who dedicated her life to enriching others. the actual book club began when Will would accompany his mother to her chemo treatments. the plot moves slowly, as it is sadly based on her last years. but the lessons learned throughout the stories are transforming.

what I thought: in the book, they dive into the true meaning of a “recommendation”. and whether or not, one is ever impartial or all encompassing. so I will not say read or don’t, but rather tell you what I thought ..& you can decide. [oh so philosophical].

I believe this book came to me at the perfect time. it without question puts life into perspective. makes my problems seem trivial, in comparison. and taught me many great lessons. that I’m excited to share.


  • [when speaking to someone with an illness] “better to say anything rather than pretend that nothing was wrong”.
  • [mary anne was a very strong woman] “not ‘pain’ – level of discomfort”.
  • “the world is complicated don’t have to have one emotion at a time”.
  • “celebrate whenever possible”.
  • [on making decisions] “choose a path that allows you to change course. offers an exit ramp”. especially when it comes to moving cities & traveling can always come back.
  • the best prayers are “help me” & “thank you”.
  • “good news & bad news are often relative to your expectations, not anything absolute”.
  • “the greatest gift you can give anyone is your undivided attention“.
  • “it’s being present in the moment. when I am with you, I am with you right now. that’s all. no more, no less”. I think this is especially important nowadays! people are so wrapped up in their digital world, they often don’t focus on what is right in front of them. you may think: but chelsea you have a blog, about your life ..who could be more wrapped up? well, my memory stinks so I value documenting my life through pictures & words ..but more importantly, I make every effort to avoid picking up my phone during dinner [except to take photos of my food] or in someone else’s company.

did you read the book, what did you think? if you haven’t, did I plead a good case as to why you should? can you believe what an amazing woman mary anne schwalbe was? did she inspire you to dedicate more of your time to charity? what is your life passion? what is your favorite lesson from above?

I am thoroughly enjoying the book club. join us next month.

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stay tuned for the announcement of February’s read .. :)

happy [thirsty] thursday friends.