life // 9-5 syndrome.

I have been at my job for four months now. and I am so sad to say, I have the dreaded 9-5 syndrome. It’s an epidemic. but the first step to a cure is realization.

life // 9-5 syndrome c/o

what is 9-5 syndrome? it is common among the adult population. and can be detected when your monday through thursday consists of nothing more than work, dinner, sleep. repeat.

on a serious note, I have truly been struggling to find the energy & time to take on the world do anything after I get off work. but that’s not due to a lack of things to do. there is a wedding to plan [just over 3 months away], creating content for LLinaBC, about 99 things around the house. you get the ideait happens so quickly ..I get home from work, [J] & I make dinner, we spend a leisurely moment on the couch, and BAM! it’s 10:00PM. time for bed. I know my entire life would be happier if I got more done in a day than 8 hours at my desk.

do you suffer from 9-5 syndrome? what are your remedies?

life // pool day essentials.

it’s almost memorial day weekend. and here in iowa that means, the pool is opening!

I don’t know what I have against lounging poolside during the warm summer days, but I rarely ever do it. this year, I’m giving myself no choice. I already packed my bag. as if I was expecting a child, and must rush to the hospital at any unexpected moment. but this is my pool bag. that will remain sitting in our coat closet, ready for that unexpected day that the sun is shining & I am not busy.

my snow white skin needs to be introduced to the sun before it visits the dominican republic. basically I don’t want to be ghostly white or a lobster on my wedding day. please.

life // pool day essentials c/o

what’s in my bag.

bikini top + bottom // the fewer the straps the better. crazy tan lines you’re not my friend.

sunscreen // an absolute must for snow white me.

insulated beverage holder // sometimes it’s for water, sometimes it’s not.

the brightest nail polish you can find // I can get quite bored sitting poolside for hours.

beach towel // make sure you remember this one.

romance novel // because this is the ultimate poolside activity.

beach bag // to carry everything for you.

am I forgetting anything? what’s in your pool/beach bag?

happy thursday.

life // manic mornings.

life // manic mornings c/o

let’s just say, I am not yet a master of mornings.

I wake up extra early to ensure I’m not rushed, but without fail ..I’m always rushed. the time must travel at light speed. until I get to work, then it travels at snail speed. I love to blog in the mornings, with my cup of coffee. but lately, my brain dreams of my beach wedding have encouraged me to go to the gym. which takes up a large chunk of time. and as much as I would love to ditch the work out, myself 10 years from now looking at my wedding pictures is begging me to take this seriously. so I am going to make a consciences effort to schedule accordingly and get back in business.

I will see you all bright & early tomorrow.

happy wednesday.