fashion // every day attire.

if I were stranded on a deserted island going on vacation and could only bring one outfit, it’d be this. I could rave for days about maxi skirts [+ dresses]. paired with this beautiful floral top. it easily takes me from an afternoon wandering main street + it’s shops, to a nice dinner with my fiance.

fashion // every day attire c/o

fashion // every day attire c/o

fashion // every day attire c/o

fashion // every day attire c/o

fashion // every day attire c/o

maxi skirt // floral blouse

[floral blouse + statement necklace are from my favorite little boutique in cedar falls, IA – spotlight. see last summer’s shopping trip here].

fashion // every day attire c/o

if you were allowed one outfit, what would you pack?

happy thursday.

life // manic mornings.

life // manic mornings c/o

let’s just say, I am not yet a master of mornings.

I wake up extra early to ensure I’m not rushed, but without fail ..I’m always rushed. the time must travel at light speed. until I get to work, then it travels at snail speed. I love to blog in the mornings, with my cup of coffee. but lately, my brain dreams of my beach wedding have encouraged me to go to the gym. which takes up a large chunk of time. and as much as I would love to ditch the work out, myself 10 years from now looking at my wedding pictures is begging me to take this seriously. so I am going to make a consciences effort to schedule accordingly and get back in business.

I will see you all bright & early tomorrow.

happy wednesday.

back in action.

I want to scream it from the rooftops ..


we FINALLY got internet at our new place last night at 8PM. ugh.

the past week has been filled with take-out meals [because we’d have food at one apartment & kitchen supplies at the other], a lot of moving weight lifting, an excessive amount of cleaning, a nightly alcoholic beverage or two, a dance party based around our cable television being set up, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our internet modem.

we are happily settled into our new place.

most importantly, I missed all of you + my blog. and I solemnly promise never to disappear for that length of time again. at least not without proper advance notice.

below are the “glamorous moments of moving”.

[otherwise known as: the moments I wasn’t carrying something down three flights of stairs & could snap a photo].

including: my dad & [J] taking a beer + college basketball break, my phillip lim x target tote doubling as a means for carrying lamps, [J] & I completely overjoyed and blurry that our moving truck was finally filled, 25oz of celebratory beer, and a beautiful sunset at our new place.

moving adventures //

you can now expect me fully back in action.

happy tuesday!

and so excited to be back .. :)