the week in photos.

happy march.

that came quickly. have I been living in des moines 3 weeks already? wow. february you’ve been eventful, but you can pack up your snow storm friends and let spring take over. I’m ready.

in the wise words of author gretchen rubin [of {the happiness project}]:

“the days are long, but the years are short.” 

on that lovely note, let me share my last week of february ..

a great moment on the ellen show

if you did not see this moment during the ellen show this week, you need to watch it. she is hysterical. and this is ahh-mazing! see it here: {it’s raining film canisters}.

new coffee sign the happiness project - proofs of love mason jar drinking

happy place the night circus at barnes and noble

I’m loving this month’s book club pick: {the night circus}. I grab a coffee and happily lose myself for hours in this read.

the night circus quote

I think “put effort & energy” means I’m not going to drop a lb [or ten] by just thinking about it. so ..

I’m going to start this month off right. in the gym. 

also, [J] returns from his week-long business trip this afternoon. ohhh happy day! bring on a fun, relaxing weekend with me attached to him [poor guy!]. I’m not crazy ..he leaves again on sunday. a girls gotta take what she can get.

happy friday. hello weekend.

see you monday! for my chicken noodle soup + kale recipe.


writer’s block.

I’ve been trying to write this post all day long. but every time I start’s not quite right.

go away writer’s block. you’re not wanted.

it seems whenever I have a lot on my mind/a lot to say ..nothing comes out.

so forgive me in advance, this may be a bit jumbled [like the current state of my brain].

here goes nothing ..

there’s no other way to say it ..I have been stressed lately. the kind of stress that leads to random bursts of tears. unemployment sucks. and occasionally, it gets the best of me. I have been so fortunate to have a lot of support [from [J], our families, & friends]. but it wears on you ..feeling like you’re stuck in one place. time for a change, my friends.

[J]’s mom scheduled me a 50 minute massage for tomorrow morning. hallelujah!

also tomorrow, [J] & I are road tripping to des moines for the weekend. for the heck of it, kind of. [to be revealed, all in due time].

as for today ..

beginning of bookclub [J] & I spent some time at barnes & noble. and ..I officially started thee book club book – {the end of your life book club} by will schwalbe. I’m 100 pages in. so far, so inspiring.

we also purchased {the happiness project}. I think now is the perfect time to welcome this book into my life.

and last but not least ..

[J] bought {Blog Inc.} for me!!!!!!!!!!

blog incI could not be more excited. besides the [major] blogging benefits this book will bring to LLinaBC – it means [J] doesn’t mind waiting to eat, until I get the perfect picture. and he’s ok proofreading every single night. [thank you babe!].

on the first page ..

“..while everyone wants to know the secret to blogging success, the common denominator is to have a genuine & passionate voice that readers can connect with”. from grace @ {design*sponge}.

I hope that is what readers get when they read my words. but just in case, I have vowed, to myself & to my blog, to share even more. although occasionally reluctant to share my trials & tribulations ..I’ve never received anything but kind & supportive words. plus it helps to write ..and hey, maybe I’ll help one other person going through a similar situation. [it’d all be worth it].

thank you. that helped.

now that it is 11:00PM ..goodnight!

see you tomorrow for “the week in photos”.


let’s review:


firstly, this blog has been my saving grace. it is something I thoroughly enjoy love. and have loved growing it so much more this past year. I started it slowly in october of 2010, to document my move to NYC. since I have written 192 posts ..167 of those were in 2012. I’d say that’s some major progress ..

LLinaBC top 5 posts of 2012

  1. {pinterest fails}
  2. {the BIG announcement} to move to chicago.
  3. I have no idea why, but this post from 2011 has stood the test of time ..& was a top runner in 2012 {hey curly hair}.
  4. {lovely little announcement} when [J] & I announced our TwoCoins etsy store opening!
  5. and, this {week in photo}

not so dainty

and the year according to LLinaBC ..

I celebrated {one year} living in new york city.

lower manhattan

traveled to {philadelphia}, {san diego}, {orlando}, {washington DC}, {new orleans}, {des moines}, {new york city}, {colorado}, & my {hometown}.

new orleans


moved to {chicago}. and transformed this blog from iowa meet nyc to {little lessons in a BIG city}.

moving first us apartment

got {instagram} on my android [now that was a good day].

got an {unexpected gift} from my parents. clearly a subtle hint.

I went to my first music festival {lollapalooza}.


I got a {job}. then I {quit}.


I turned {twenty-five}. and the next day, [J] turned {twenty-seven}.

[J] planned & organized [with my help] an amazing charity event for multiple sclerosis – {Toast to a Cure}.

toast to a cure for ms

took a stab, or three at an outfit post: {here}, {here}, {here}


I interviewed [J] for a special {man behind the brackets} post.

and ..I had a couple {low moments}.

learn how to sail my shipand a couple unforgettable ones ..

painted pumpkins callenchristkindlmarket11 good people in the world gingerbread winner

so maybe this review was for the best. it’s easy to focus on the bad {a whole lot of months of unemployment} and forget about the good {a happy relationship, a growing blog, a lot of travel, & many exciting opportunities}. I’m fortunate.

and am excited about taking on 2013.

brrrrring it on.