life lately.

I’ve been a married woman for a month now. it’s so exciting. but I’m pretty sure we haven’t been able to slow down enough to fully enjoy it. or to catch up on our sleep. we’re currently planning a “return wedding reception,” in my hometown fifteen short days. we thrive under pressure. thank god. speaking of wedding, we had our first snowfall yesterday. it wasn’t a lot, but it was enough you could see it ..and know winter is officially upon us. can we go back to the dominican republic now?

since we’ve been back besides wedding planning, we’ve kept very busy. a few of my favorite moments over the last month ..

des moines has finally made it. we got a nordstrom rack. [J] + I attended the pre-grand opening party. the champagne was gone by the time we arrived, so we drank miller lite. // indulged in decadent macaroni & cheese while sipping on brews at exile brewery. // attended a beautiful, rustic wedding at a hidden gem of a venue, barnes’ place. // spent countless mornings strategizing over coffee + breakfast sandwiches. // poured wine at the iowa beer, wine, & food expo. stationed perfectly at the “sweet bitch” wine. // fallen even harder for the two men of the house. they’re so dang cute together.

life lately: nordstrom rack DSM c/o

life lately: exile brewery c/o

life lately: barnes' place c/o

life lately: barnes' place c/o

life lately: caribou coffee c/o

life lately: iowa beer wine food expo c/o

life lately: men of the house c/o

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happy hump day wednesday

zombie burger.

zombie burger des moines menu

there are endless amounts of ‘good eats’ in des moines, IA. [J] & I have just begun to scratch the surface. we had been dying to try zombie burger. [pun intended]. the decor is enough to intrigue you, but the insane burgers will keep you. and the 150+ beer selection, if you’re into that kind of thing. no expense calorie spared, we went to fully enjoy. and enjoy we did. it started with a bloody mary for me + a spiked peanut butter shake for [J]. and crispy fried pickles, as appetizers. for our burgers – I got the ‘raygun’ [fried jalapenos, caramelized onion, bacon, monterey jack, guacamole, & chipotle mayo]. and [J] went for the ‘undead guy BBQ burger’ [pulled BBQ bacon, bacon, cheddar cheese, rogue dead guy ale BBQ sauce, mayo]. oh, and a loaded fry basket. needless to say, we skipped dessert. it was truly scrumptious from start to finish. the zombie theme plays through the entire concept, making it fun & delicious. if you’re looking for a not-your-everyday lunch spot or craving a good burger, I’d highly recommend. we’ll be back, {zombie burger} ..

zombie burger des moines

zombie burger des moines restaurant

zombie burger des moines 150 beers

zombie burger des moines beverages

zombie burger des moines fried pickles

zombie burger fried pickles and J

zombie burger des moines raygun

zombie burger des moines loaded fries

zombie burger des moines J's burger

zombie burger des moines door

now that I’ve made you hungry. or disgusted at how much we ate.

happy monday.

[ps – we played an entire soccer game later that night. & may have burned off all some of the calories we consumed. it was worth it].