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I have been living + breathing our wedding.

we are now 33 days away from our departure date. and while sinking into that airplane seat, knowing we are finally heading to paradise to tie the knot will be synonymous with a huge sigh of relief ..we have so much to do in the coming days. so many tiny details to create. so many major tasks to accomplish. it’s all a bit overwhelming + completely exhilarating at the same time. without question, I know everything will get done. but without a load of stress [and it’s evil accomplice, aka exhaustion, break outs, etc]  is not possible.

the good news: I have so many fun wedding projects + ideas to share from [J] & I’s planning adventure. like a sweet “thank you” basket for those special people that host your bridal shower. and a few inexpensive ways to personalize your big day.

but in the meantime, go read about [J] + I’s trip to the altar. or rather, our love story. shared by women on their way by wyndham worldwide.

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happy “feels like monday, but is actually tuesday” day!

hope you all had the best of long weekends.

our love story.

it all started at the ripe age of 19. first year of college. while trying to land a job at an apartment complex. [I was in it for the perks: free rent]. the day of the ‘group interview,’ an extremely handsome fellow held the door for me. insert [J].

throughout every activity, we discovered we had a strange amount in common with each other. and just when the rest of the interviewees couldn’t take any more, they asked us “are you two single?” in unison, we answered “no”. yet another thing in common.

fastforward a year of being coworkers & friends. and within months of each other becoming single. the timing was right.

as with every most ‘met in college’ stories ..a little liquid courage was all we needed to make the move. [for all of those minds who went straight to the bedroom ..I was describing our first kiss].

from then on, we were inseperable.

until the summer of 2009. we both went off, him to NYC & me to london, for internships. once we returned to school, he got the big apple bug + a job offer ..& it was a short 5 months before he moved there. and after one lonnnnng year apart, I joined him.

since we have moved from our astoria, NY apartment to one in jersey city, NJ. from there, we headed west ..& lived in the chicago suburbs. although that seems like a lot, it isn’t all of it. we most recently moved to des moines, IA. phew!  

and have happily been together through all of it. five years to be exact.

first comes love, then comes living in one place for more than a year, then comes marriage, & baby in a baby carriage. [we’re headed in the right direction, at least].

love story circa 2008

 circa may 2008.