it’s almost ..

seven days until st. patrick’s day makes its annual appearance. and the my world turns a hue of green.

allow me to dig through the archives, and uncover a few favorites ..

st patricks //

a tutorial on green beer, of course.

st patricks //

an irish flag-inspired manicure.

st patricks //

a cocktail recipe for the irish red.

st patricks //

step-by-step instructions + pictures for baked reuben cups; everything you love about a reuben sandwich, but in a more bite-sized package.

“May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire“

- an old irish proverb.

yes, another. they’re quite clever those irishmen.

happy monday.

how to: at home manicure.

my finger nails are my favorite accessory. hands down. [pun intended].

keeping them pretty + polished takes work, but I make my best effort to make it happen. as a child I fell victim to nail biting especially when nervous, I found the only remedy was to keep my nails painted. because habits are hard to break, but chipped nails are worse. and I’d leave my nails alone only if they were painted. the routine has kind of stuck with me into adulthood.

7 steps to the best at home manicure.

at home manicure //

1 // remove nail polish with 100% acetone nail polish remover. it gets off any polish [glitter included] so much faster + easier. once you go acetone, you won’t go back.

2 // file your nails to your desired shape. I tend to keep mine fairly square-shaped.

3 // lather your hands up with lotion.

4 // use an eyeliner brush, dip in acetone, and clean excess lotion off your nails.

5 // paint a base coat on each of your nails. I am a fan off essie’s grow stronger.

6 // two coats of your favorite nail polish. lately I’m loving: get in expresso lane.

7 // finish with a top coat. essie’s good to go is the only one I’ll use. it provides a glossy shine + it dries so fast. I can be a bit impatient.

my go to winter polishes.

the week in photos.

I’m 99.9% positive this is the first week in about 7, that [J] has stuck around to see the weekend. [business keeps calling].

which means I’m ecstatic that it’s here, and so is he. because I have big plans for us. including his 1st trip to the farmer’s market. [aka: an introduction to my breakfast burrito love]. and maybe some bars day drinking. or the art fair. either way’s bound to be great. 

[you might wanna follow along on instagram, just in case fun ensues].

now onto the week in photos ..

week in photos, june 28 // a carb-filled lunch does the body good.

week in photos, june 28 //

I fell in love with this manicure. I’m on round two. [with pink dots now]. so easy, just create the dots with the tip of a bobby pin!

week in photos, june 28 //

this blog has officially ventured into video content. see {here} if you missed the DIY napkin tutorial.

week in photos, june 28 //

the remaining photos are how “date night” started out ..

week in photos, june 28 //

[if you don’t watch {duck dynasty}, you’re missing out. every time uncle si speaks, I laugh, out loud].

week in photos, june 28 //

there’s a bowling alley + restaurant + bar in bass pro shop?

week in photos, june 28 //

week in photos, june 28 //

have the absolute best weekend.

I hope you have big plans.

[like waking up real early on saturday morning for a breakfast burrito ..because I will be].