des moines // malo.

on friday night, [J] + I had date night reservations at a new restaurant downtown des moines, malo. let me just say, it was so good will be hard for me to NOT want to go there every date night. the craft cocktails, the scrumptious food, the great service [ask for amelia!], and the fun atmosphere.

[J] + I determined it goes down as one of our top 10 best dinners. ever.

[we even contemplated going there for brunch the next morning, but concluded that would be a bit excessive].

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

des moines // malo c/o

the highlights besides the entire meal: [J]’s cocktail – the templeton mule, the tacos, the complimentary chips & salsa always a win in my book, the extra-large silverware, and the cheeky “cigars & coffee” dessert [which was chocolate cake balls formed into cigar shapes, and served with thee most amazing coffee gelato].

take me back, now.

happy monday.

top 10 things I miss about iowa.

It doesn’t matter if you move 30 mins away or 3,000 miles …you’re guaranteed to miss something. I miss my family & friends [that goes without saying]. But for about the first 6 months, I was so excited about exploring my new surroundings ..I [temporarily] forgot about my old ones. Now that I am one year and two months in, I will divulge the …[in no particular order]

top 10 things I miss about iowa.

1. ‘Mexi & Margs‘ nights. [$3 margs, delicious mexican food, & grrreat company].

2. Line dancing. [I was introduced to this only 3 weeks before moving to NY, but it is a BALL ..& surprisingly a fun workout].

3. Tailgating, football games, & seeing black & gold everywhere. [so basically …college].


4. Saying “pop” & not being judged. [“pop” drinkers: blue. “soda” drinkers: green & yellow].

5. Saying “traffic” & meaning there are 5-10 other cars on the road.

6. Grocery shopping every two weeks. [instead of every day].

7. Not worrying about how much or how heavy your groceries are because you’ll cart them out to your car and drive home.

8. Prices ..on everything; beer, food, rent, chain restaurants [an Applebee’s quesadilla burger: $16.95. wish that was a joke].

9. Not being too concerned with the daily weather report, because your car has heat, AC, and if raining ..only a couple steps out your front door.

10. Old Chicago. & the World Beer Tour. [I can’t even comment on this one, I’ll cry …]

There you have it folks ..the top 10 things I miss about my home state – IOWA.



Orlando: where dreams come true.

My brother & I “fled” the nest years ago. But during college, I was only a short drive from my hometown, making this the first year I had to board a plane to visit. After a Christmas minus my brother and my parents big 25th anniversary approaching, they were ready for us to be together again. So they planned a family vacation. to orlando.

To sum it up …

we celebrated my parent’s anniversary.

we laid on a bed of nails.

it hurt. hurt a lot.

we drank many of these. [after all, we were on vacation]




& my [margaritaville] burger.

the last time I was in Orlando, I was w/ my high school dance team …competing @ nationals ’03.

so you can imagine the memories that came flooding back, when I saw the Hard Rock [where we performed].

we went to islands of adventure.

drank butter beer @ the wizarding world of harry potter.

wished [J] was there, a little ;)

blurry, must be the end ..

thank you parentals. love you :)