life // keep caffeinated.

don’t waste the remainder of your summer by drinking hot coffee.

especially when it’s so easy to make¬†home-brewed iced coffee. using items you already have; coffee grounds, water, & a coffee filter. [I use the one that came with my coffee pot]. just remember: 1 cup of coffee grounds to 4.5 cups of water. let them marry in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. and you’ll be a happy camper.

life // keep caffeinated c/o

life // keep caffeinated c/o

my favorite part: taking it to work a mason jar. because it’s more fun that way.

life // keep caffeinated c/o

happy tuesday.

the week in photos.

the weekend is upon us.

there’s wine. relaxation. and a lot of reading ahead of me. and while I’m reading, I’m going to pretend I’m laying on a beach, with a strawberry daiquiri in hand. much like the life [J] is living this weekend. why didn’t I sneak into his suitcase?

the week in photos.

airbornechunky chain necklace kind bar not so dainty FB middle eastern pasta salad TJs giraffe cookieLC instagram photo page

  1. every time you turn on the news, all you hear about is the flu. so I made sure [J] was stocked up on {airborne} before boarding the plane. [free samples comin’ in handy].
  2. my “style” can be pretty plain jane. but that just makes it easier for me to accessorize. love this chunky, gold chain from {charming charlie}.
  3. I’m a fan. of kind bars.
  4. my fave part of [J] & I’s {TwoCoins Etsy Shop} is the not-so-dainty stemware collection. & it’s now on {facebook}. woot woot!
  5. while I was at Trader Joe’s satisfying my wine craving, I found this gem of pasta salad: noodles, chickpeas, lemon oregano dressing, & feta cheese. I recommend.
  6. I sure did eat a giraffe cookie.
  7. last week {} liked one of my photos on instagram. as soon as I saw it, I screamed. pretty cool, right? well today .. Lauren Conrad herself [her personal instagram] liked a different photo. DAY MADE!! it’s the little things in life. thanks LC ;)

have the absolute best, most relaxing weekend.


the week in photos.

usually I’d be overjoyed friday is upon us, but who else thinks the holidays are coming entirely too quickly? call me horrible – my christmas shopping is yet to be done, my plans are yet to be etched in stone, and I’m just plain in denial that it’s already december. let alone almost 2013 17 days!!!!!

[J] & I are mailing our christmas cards today! [oh yeah baby we’re that couple! the ones that send out holiday cards, pre-marriage. better yet, pre-engagement. but we share the same address. and have been together longer than a good chunk of married couples I know. all the reasoning I needed]. what is better than receiving mail? receiving holiday cards! I want to be part of spreading that joy we send out cards. judge away, judgers! [I’ll reveal our card on christmas morning. it’s a gem].

moving on ..

the week in photos.

twinings tea samples

I received these {twinings} gems in the mail. the chai almond is two+ thumbs up!

new desktop background

I was probably on pinterest, when I stumbled upon a personalized desktop background. genius! so I created one for myself. [J] says I should just utilize my computer’s folders more effectively. whatever boy, this is prettier.

ugly chipmunks

while browsing through best buy, we took a detour to the mac’s. where [J] thought we should star in the photo booth, chipmunk effect. alvin would be terrified.

celebratory brunch

the way to my heart: a breakfast skillet. we were celebratin’ ..

business partner

he added on to his long list of titles: boyfriend, roommate, BFF,  and now ..biznas partner!

yay we did it!

we were actually unfazed by the “significance” of the date, but more that we opened our own etsy store {TwoCoins}. [which I’m sure you know by now].

champagne toast

more celebratin’ – in {TwoCoins} fancy stemware.

bad mani into an xmas mani

to make a {bad situation} better, I upped the fun by adding a green nail. [just painted over the no-chip].

enjoy the weekend.

I’m going out on a limb to say, it’s the last before the holidays are in full swing. next week: gingerbread house competition. ornament exchange party. starting & finishing christmas shopping. I think I just gave myself a migraine.

[don’t forget to enter the {alcohol-inspired giveaway} I’m hosting on Mish Lovin’ Life’s blog].