the week in photos.

“how to cheer yourself up” edition.

I don’t want this blog, about my life, to only be about the good parts. [even though those are the easiest to share]. but I also don’t want this to turn into a pity party. oh to finding that fine line.

this week I had the highest of high hopes I would be receiving amazing news. in actuality, I received the opposite. I immediately told myself “everything happens for a reason,” which I do believe. but every now & then, you experience some disappointment and go into ‘pity party’ mode. fortunately, my mom told me I had two hours to feel sorry for myself and ..move the effff on! [she didn’t say it exactly like that].

I took approximately 6 hours. not to “pity party,” but to gather myself. & “get back on the horse”.

hello – amazing things are happening for [J] & I right now. [move in t-minus 5 days]. so girl just..

keep on keepin’ on!

but on the theme of “pity parties,” I’m going to share with you how I overcame mine. [no laughing, this is serious biz].

first: do good onto others.


like: shovel the driveway. you’re bound to make someone’s day ..even if its just the dog.

second: create an alter ego.

close-up matildamatildalike: matilda; my fearless “second self”. who appears once I strap on a pair of harry potter bifocals. see chelsea is afraid of driving during snow storms when any flakes are falling from the sky. but matilda ain’t. and sometimes you just need a “michael’s secret stuff” juice [space jam reference] type of tool to help you overcome obstacles. even if it’s just in your head.

just in case you haven’t seen the said Space Jam scene. see below.


third: eat junk food.

cheeseburgerlike: a sonic cheeseburger. sadly, it makes me feel a tad bit better.

fourth: purchase a fine bottle of wine.

trader joes boozelike: a classy $5 bottle of wine. but, to make yourself feel even better ..get a bottle of beer for [J]. so when he returns from his long business trip it’ll be waiting for him, in the fridge. don’t anticipate it shattering, in the car, for only God knows why. yum, stale beer smell.

fifth: have a cocktail.

have a glass of vinolike: a glass of wine, in a {not-so-dainty} glass. but make sure you wait until at least 4:25PM, or you’re pushing the ‘socially acceptable’ time to drink. [pssssh!]

sixth: pamper yourself.

at home no chip manicurelike: a good old fashioned at home, no-chip manicure. [stay tuned for a step-by-step tutorial on one of my fav blogs].

 seventh: add a little happiness. & some glitter.

add a heart for good lucklike: a gold, glittery heart to said no-chip manicure.

let’s just say my day greatly improved after I completed my seven step process. there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. and it is always possible to get unstuck from the ‘rut’ you may be stuck in. as long as you never give up.


have the best weekend.