travels // a hometown weekend.

[J] & I had the best of intentions to go to my hometown for memorial day weekend and get as much wedding planning done as possible. we started off strong; a meeting with a caterer, a walk-through at our reception venue, and a visit with a potential vendor. then we had dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday ..and the weekend took on a different theme. more celebrating, less planning.

[*editor’s note: we’re getting married in the dominican republic, but we’re having a reception in my hometown. that’s what we need to plan].

the snapshots I caught definitely prove I was more for celebrating and relaxing. I did convince my dad to build a bonfire two beautiful nights in a row, right in the backyard.

travels // a hometown weekend c/o

travels // a hometown weekend c/o

[we quite literally sat in the driveway, with a cooler. it was entirely too nice to sit inside. I don’t know what my excuse is for not walking around to the backyard].

travels // a hometown weekend c/o

travels // a hometown weekend c/o

travels // a hometown weekend c/o

travels // a hometown weekend c/o

how was your memorial day weekend? did you travel any where exciting? is it just me, or is it hard to stay on task when traveling? my brain goes into vacation-mode the second I leave city-limits.

happy wednesday.

life // holiday weekend mishap.

life // holiday weekend mishap c/o

I had a “you’ve got to be kidding me” moment this morning.

I had a leisurely morning planned. I’d get up at 6:30, get the coffee brewing. take my time getting to the gym. get in a good workout. and get ready for work. all was going according to plan until I received a sweet snapchat from my friend, it said “it’s tuesday – YAY!”. and I thought “oh shhhhhoot”.

see.. I go into work at different times throughout the week. for example, I go in at 10AM on Monday’s and 9AM on Tuesday’s.

well, I received this snapchat at 8:15AM while fresh out of the shower, rocking wet hair & a robe. thinking uh oh, if it’s not monday I don’t go to work at 10AM. I go in at 9AM!!

I was completely thrown off by our extended weekend. I got ready in 15 minutes and made it to work at 9:01AM.

I am now back on track. and could not be happier it is tuesday.

has a holiday weekend ever thrown you off that much? should I invest in a larger wall calendar?

happy TUESDAY, my friends.

I hope all of you had an amazing memorial day weekend. [I will be sharing mine tomorrow].

thank you to all those men & women who have & do fight for our freedom. your sacrifices are not small, and are greatly appreciated.

life // pool day essentials.

it’s almost memorial day weekend. and here in iowa that means, the pool is opening!

I don’t know what I have against lounging poolside during the warm summer days, but I rarely ever do it. this year, I’m giving myself no choice. I already packed my bag. as if I was expecting a child, and must rush to the hospital at any unexpected moment. but this is my pool bag. that will remain sitting in our coat closet, ready for that unexpected day that the sun is shining & I am not busy.

my snow white skin needs to be introduced to the sun before it visits the dominican republic. basically I don’t want to be ghostly white or a lobster on my wedding day. please.

life // pool day essentials c/o

what’s in my bag.

bikini top + bottom // the fewer the straps the better. crazy tan lines you’re not my friend.

sunscreen // an absolute must for snow white me.

insulated beverage holder // sometimes it’s for water, sometimes it’s not.

the brightest nail polish you can find // I can get quite bored sitting poolside for hours.

beach towel // make sure you remember this one.

romance novel // because this is the ultimate poolside activity.

beach bag // to carry everything for you.

am I forgetting anything? what’s in your pool/beach bag?

happy thursday.