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Hi! I’m Samantha from The Brunette One and I’m super excited to be guest posting for Chelsea while she is off getting hitched in the Dominican! She left Iowa just in time, a cold front just came in and I would love to be on the beach soaking up the sunshine!

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Chelsea asked me to share something about my wedding adventures (you can read more about my wedding adventures here – I’m waiting to post all the details of our day – our wedding is going to be published so that put a slight hold on sharing all of our beautiful images captured that day). Where do I even begin?! My husband and I tied the knot this past spring on May 31st. Our wedding was absolutely magically. I chalk it up to celebrating our love in front of all of our friends and family who could make the trip and dancing the night away with all of my favorite people.

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We had a year and a half engagement, and in my book that was more than enough time, maybe too much. I’m a planner by trade and I was my own worst client. I took on every DIY project from center pieces to designing and printing all of our wedding stationary (save the dates, invites, menus, and our wedding programs). I blame Pinterest. :) But the lessons I took away from being a “DIY” bride and want to share with you today is that it’s ok to delegate and ask for help with projects – that’s why you have your parents, aunts, uncles, bridal party, etc. They want to help (most of the time…). It’s ok to nix some projects, and if something doesn’t go right, absolutely NO ONE will ever know, or for that matter, care. Everyone who shows up that day is there to celebrate you and the love of your life, not if you didn’t get to add two more chalk board signs, or if a name is misspelled on the wedding program. Shit happens and makes for a good story later on when you reminiscence about your big day.

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So take a deep breathe and have FUN with all of your wedding projects and events as the big day arrives. Take it all in on your wedding day, it goes by in the blink of an eye (so cliche but oh so true).

the week in photos.

I have a one-track mind. straight to next week ..

and I cannot wait to welcome it with open arms a happy dance.

why you ask?

I draft my first ever fantasy football team on monday night – with a group of fellow bloggers, led by the sweet {karoline with a K}. [side note: I’m creating a football sunday costume; you’ll see].  and I wake up the next morning, a year older. hello 26th birthday. followed by [J]’s birthday on wednesday. and in case that wasn’t enough excitement for one week football begins next saturday! which hopefully means a trip to the university of iowa ..for a little tailgating + family time.

now that my mind is entirely focused on next week, let’s take a look at ..

the week in photos.

week in photos: Aug 23, 13 //

[J] & I reached gold level at starbucks this week. it clearly means we go there entirely too often, but what else it means ..I’m not quite sure? free iced coffees for a lifetime? I’d like to think.

week in photos: Aug 23, 13 //

hello new {kendra scott} earrings.

[from the MSB brunch].

week in photos: Aug. 23, 13 //

we have officially entered our “two week birthday celebration” period. I’d settle for one week, but [J] & I’s birthdays are back to back days a week for him & a week for me is how it is justified. as if it needs to be. we kicked it off on tuesday with a good ol’ fashion date night; cocktails, followed by a movie, and a delicious seafood dinner with our friends.

week in photos: Aug. 23, 13 //

and last night I put on my party shoes. and went out for dinner with my aunt.

week in photos: Aug. 23, 13 //

oh and had another alcoholic beverage. I’m celebrating. orrr mourning the loss of my early 20’s. not quite sure where they ran off to so quickly.

regardless twenty-six can’t be so bad. as long as I can remember my actual age. I’m a serial “24 year old”. but never on purpose, seriously.

happy weekend.


bloggers do brunch.

on saturday, I had brunch with some of the most amazing ladies – iowa bloggers, from the {midwest style bloggers}. at {americana}, in downtown des moines.

[if you blog & are in the midwest ..join MSB now].

 bottomless mimosa brunch, count on seeing me. fruit purees to add to said mimosas ..good luck getting rid of me. see ya again soon americana ;)

mimosa + peach raspberry strawberry mango puree.

bloggers do brunch //

ironically enough, I was a bad blogger ..and hardly took any photographs. I was so wrapped up in the mimosas convos!

this is what a blogger brunch looks like:

champagne + social media.

bloggers do brunch //

and there was a giveaway ..

bloggers do brunch //


bloggers do brunch //

can you believe this swag bag?

the amazing sponsors.

{vita coco}. {health warrior}. {favery}. {kendra scott}. {waiting on martha}. {ellie}. {bauble bar}. {BH cosmetics}. {may 28th}. {gigi new york}. {lulu’s}. {jami}. {ps I made this} {energy bits}. {sole society}. {sephora}. {sunglass warehouse}.

bloggers do brunch //

bloggers do brunch //

and my giveaway prize: a thursday friday tote. you’ll be seeing much more of this.

bloggers do brunch //

who is up for brunch this weekend? I promise to take more photos.


I need your help.

obviously now soon a lot of my time will be spent wedding planning. I do not want to turn this into wedding blog. mostly because I refuse to spend that much time planning. but are you interested in seeing the process? weekly? monthly? I’d love to hear your feedback. 


cannot wait to share [J] & I’s time at yellowstone on the blog tomorrow.

happy tuesday.