coffee love.

leave it to a monday morning to have me thinking about nothing but coffee ..

things have been so hectic around these parts, as of late. and no matter how many times I tell myself “the early bird gets the worm,” when my alarm starts buzzing, I think just a few more minutes. snooooze! it is my worst habit. and it must be broken. but that’s for another day.

[side note: the blog is changing + moving. all will be revealed on friday].

one thing I do not hide along with many other things is my love of coffee. so I am sure this will catch you all off guard. I feel compelled to share my favorite coffee-inspired products ..

coffee love; favorite coffee-inspired products.

coffee love; favorite coffee-inspired products.

coffee love; favorite coffee-inspired products.

coffee love; favorite coffee-inspired products.

coffee love; favorite coffee-inspired products.

coffee pajamas: forever 21.

coffee mug: target.

dark chocolate covered espresso beans: world market.

coffee love; favorite coffee-inspired products.

may your day be filled with coffee + the power to take on the world.

see more of my favorite coffee-inspired items ..

life // manic mornings.

life // manic mornings c/o

let’s just say, I am not yet a master of mornings.

I wake up extra early to ensure I’m not rushed, but without fail ..I’m always rushed. the time must travel at light speed. until I get to work, then it travels at snail speed. I love to blog in the mornings, with my cup of coffee. but lately, my brain dreams of my beach wedding have encouraged me to go to the gym. which takes up a large chunk of time. and as much as I would love to ditch the work out, myself 10 years from now looking at my wedding pictures is begging me to take this seriously. so I am going to make a consciences effort to schedule accordingly and get back in business.

I will see you all bright & early tomorrow.

happy wednesday.

the week in photos.

friday is upon us.

wooo hooo.

the weekend brings: apartment searching. magical mike. watching [J] play soccer. a backyard fiesta. and if the temp stays over 100*, very few outdoor activities.

has it not been uncomfortably hot? even with the A/C cranked up ..I still need a fan blasting at my face.

dear mother nature: I’d be happy as a clam with 85*.

and now: the week in photos :)

[J] & I went to a schaumburg boomers baseball game. [& I rocked a fedora].

it was a grrreat date night. & we got free travel mugs + a bag. [see [J] rockin’ the bag above].

[J] wanted to go hit golf balls. this is what I did.

I got festive with my nail polish.

bikin’ & beachin’ downtown chicago.

[J] & I only drink bud heavy one day a year: on the 4th. they’re so festive with their bottles.

northwest fourth-fest for a picnic & fireworks.

fun fireworks show: with a bright orange moon.

I’m using & loving my diaper bag.

I met Woodman’s grocery store. can you say the best deals & prices? I love it so much I’m moving in.

[J] & I stopped at starbucks for our morning iced black coffee. but the photos of their signature drink were too convincing and [J] order a venti mocha cookie crumble. [in a perfect world with no calories, I’d order it every day].


happy weekend all.