alcohol + camping go hand in hand.

it’s day three already. on the agenda: hike around devils tower! & then [J] & I are off to our next destination ..

day three #LLontheBIGroad //

I’m excited to have lisa of {two martinis} here today. she’s sharing not one, not two, but three drink recipes with you. and while we’re on the topic .. I must say I was on the fence about bringing booze on our excursion [very unlike me, I know]. basically when I drink I can get a little careless, and the last thing I want is to wind up face to face with a bear. but after reading lisa’s camping story ..I headed straight to the liquor store. [drink responsibly, especially in the woods. but do drink]. does anyone know if there are hyenas in montana?


Hey everyone! This definitely isn’t Chelsea, because as we all know, Chelsea is enjoying her summer by taking a very extended vacation and camping across the country.

Not that I’m jealous or anything.

Nope, who would be jealous of a 16 day vacation?

Not me, that’s for darn sure. I’ll just stay in my apartment and watch Bravo TV marathons.


Anyway, this is Lisa and I blog over at Two Martinis. I must confess, I’ve had a very limited experience with camping.

It involved me and hyenas.

(I am clearly thrilled to be spending my honeymoon sleeping in a tent.)

And do you know what I wish I had while I was camping? (Besides a flashlight, which also would have helped helped.)

A cocktail. Or seven. And of course cocktails are hard to come by in the Serengeti Plains, but Chelsea should be able to get her hands on a few of these, and I hope you will be able to enjoy some of these drinks too, whether you’re camping or not!

lisa of two martinis //

Moscow Mule

(Fun fact, I originally started enjoying this beverage after Chelsea posted about her love for them on this very blog!)

  • 1 half lime
  • 2 ounces of vodka
  • 4-6 ounces of ginger beer

Squeeze the lime into a glass, add some ice cubs, the vodka, and top it off with the ginger beer. Enjoy!


  • Sparkling wine
  • Orange juice

This drink is so easy, even I can’t mess it up! Add equal parts sparkling wine (or champagne!) and orange juice. You could also use pineapple juice instead, to mix things up a bit.

*Fun fact: Did you know you can make a virgin mimosa by using ginger ale instead of champagne?

Sweet Moscato Strawberry Mix

  • Pink Moscato
  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Ginger ale

Put a couple of strawberries in a glass and add equal parts Moscato and ginger ale to it for a super-delicious drink.

Now that you have the recipes, go and get your day drinking on!

(And stop on by to my blog at Two Martinis to say hello!)


oh my goodness. they all sound great to me. 

[J] & I will be “THOSE” campers – sipping moscow mules at our campsite. in the middle of nowhere wyoming. that’ll be us! I hope I packed the red solo cups ..

[thank you lisa].

go shower her with blog love!

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the week in photos.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday.

I hope you all had a frreakin’ fantastic week. can’t complain about mine. let’s reminisce…

I concocted two Iowa Girl Eats-inspired items.

moscow mules: so refreshing & oh so dangerously delicious. they’re right there near the top of [J] & I’s favorite list. {recipe here}

I was craving at-home mexican food. but I was starving. so I needed quick, easy, & scrumptious ..and thankfully Iowa Girl Eats had exactly what I needed. {taco pasta bake}. [J] told me I can put it on the “go to” list. I didn’t know we had a list, but now that I do’s on it!

the chef I raved about in my “dinner in the tree house” post ..made another spectacular dinner. of ribs. on the grill.


did I mention [J] & I are hosting our own charity event? [if you’re in the chicagoland area ..come!!! it’s guaranteed to be a grreat time]. we’ve been planning for months and to our surprise ..the day is almost upon us. {for details: toast to a cure}

we went on our final walk-through …

these are the bocce courts. we also have bowling lanes. a fire pit. italian/american feast. silent auction. plus open bar. [the venue: pinstripes. in south barrington].

let’s just say I was already excited for the event. AND THEN ..I got to play with mason jars & chalkboard paint. two things I’ve been dying to explore. thankfully the event is rustic, outdoor-sy, & fall. [aka perfect for mason jar centerpieces & a couple spray-painted chalkboards].

a one gallon mason jar.

chalkboard paint. [can’t wait to share the finished product].


have the best weekend everyone.

go hawkeye football!

the week in photos.

I cannot believe it is already Friday.

the weeks [since our move to chicago] seem to be FLYING by.

also: it has been 1 week since I last blogged, and it feels like an eternity.

[I apologize.]

my life seems to be at an uncomfortable standstill. the land of limbo, if you will. the job search is pressing on, but what a trying task. It WILL be rewarding in the end, but until then has me in a FUNK. the days are all vaguely familiar ..beginning with coffee & filled with time on the computer ..searching. so, I guess it’s clear why I lose track of the days …and Friday is here once again.

say hello to my week in photos:

no-chip manicure. [two thumbs up from this girl].

went to [J]’s sister’s high school graduation.

[& got a tad bored around the D’s was a very big class].

we took a trip to COSTCO. where you can indeed buy anything & everything. [case in point: see above].

took a visit to a new restaurant: niko’s lodge. end your dinner with: complimentary s’mores. don’t have to ask me twice. outside we went to burn my marshmallow!

I came up with a VERY clever [in my mind] way to send my resume off to an amazing company I would love, love, love to work for …involving this frog! I can’t wait to show you the finished product. + find out if it’s successful. [fingers crossed].

I found this new app for android: catch. it allows you to capture “notes” throughout the day. you know ..the ones that come at the most inopportune times ..that you forget to jot down and next thing you know: they’re forgotten. well this app allows you to type, take a picture, or record your note. PERFECT. my first note: make two moscow mules for [J] & I to kick off memorial day weekend. [1 part lime, 2 parts vodka, 3 parts ginger beer].

happy memorial day weekend everyone.

relax, have a cocktail, and of course: grill out.

[visit Iowa Girl Eats & Birds Nest 101 for some delicious recipes you can make this memorial day weekend].

talk to you all on memorial day monday :)