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april showers //


have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the amount of things you needed to accomplish that when you’d sit down your brain would say “isn’t there something you should be doing right now?”.

that’s me.

full-time job + part-time weekend job + blogging + wedding planning + life. oh, and trying to get 8 hours of sleep.

thankfully I have an amazing fiancé, while I was on a coffee date with some local midwest bloggers this weekend, he was working on our wedding invitations, calling necessary vendors, and checking our guest list twice. he’s a saint.

busy is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. it’s just when you get too busy, you don’t have time to stop + smell the roses. to actually enjoy your life.

[*editor’s note: I am still smelling the roses. or at least waiting for may to bring them].

happy tuesday.


hello april.

live like you’re dying.

for {blog every day in may}, day 16 is ..

“something difficult about your ‘lot in life’ and how you’re working to overcome it”.

I had every intention of digging deep & writing about my challenges & set backs in life. but I’m taking my own advice {see earlier post}, and looking on the bright side .. [bare with me ..]

I went to a funeral today. of a 46 year old husband. and father of 3 girls. [a 17, 14, & 11 year old].

he is my mom’s first cousin. there are 28 of them total. he was the youngest, and the first to pass away ..

he died unexpectedly.

it is undeniable this man made his mark on the world.

he was so humble. yet so accomplished.

not only in his career [which is extremely impressive in itself], but in the girls he coached ..who wore their soccer & basketball jerseys to the funeral.

to the priest, that was clearly so touched by his life, he was in tears just speaking of him.

to his extended family that read his obituary and were astounded by his accomplishments. “he was just scott”. a man who loved his family, but never boosted.

this same man lost his father at the age of two. and learned very early, life is precious.

principal riverwalk. des moines, IA // ZTS photo


he was the man behind the principal river walk & pedestrian bridge in des moines, IA. so beautiful.

[see above].

the priest said something during the funeral that resonated with me ..

many people get to the end of their life, look back, and wish they would’ve done more. although this man’s life was cut entirely too short, he lived his fully. it’s quite incredible. and the way it should be.

the way I want to look back on mine.

none of us know which day will be our last. and I am almost certain, we all want to look back on a fulfilled life, with no regrets or wishes.

the source of my inspiration is sad, but the lesson is beautiful.

we all go through hard times & have struggles. but we have one chance, to give it all we’ve got. make time for what makes you happy, what you’re passionate about. because that is what matters in the end.

live like you’re dying.


it’s not always cheesecake.

follow your dreams.

If you don’t know what yours are, it’s time to make some. If you do, but don’t know how the heck to get there …take promising steps. Life unfortunately does not come with a paved yellow brick road. You pave it yourself.

go in the direction that makes you happy.

New York has taught me many things. And it may sound selfish, but one of those is …to always be in the driver’s seat. This is your life! Do what you need to do to for YOU. Have you ever heard, “you’re responsible for your own happiness“. It’s true. If your not happy, don’t be so quick to point fingers at others. Instead look at yourself. The solution is usually in your hands, just waiting.

don’t assume it’s going to be cheesecake.

With every step closer, or change of direction comes tough decisions, goodbyes, and even ..doubt. Never make a decision you’re not ready to make. And when you’re ready, commit. Its hard. People will second guess you. Remember: its what you want.

life is a collection of choices & decisions.

follow your dreams.