miscellaneous four.

happy flippin’ friday. it’s here. and came awfully quickly.

my highlights of the week.

1 // I thought I pinned a lot of wedding-related pins before I was engaged. now that I’m actually planning a wedding, it is out of control. last night I spent hours drinking wine + planning my wedding via photos on the internet. #LLinaBCGetsHitched on pinterest. now I need to organize it into smaller categories. but I’ll save that for the next snowy day.

miscellaneous four. // LLinaBC.com


2 // inspirational quote of the week.

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com


3 // when [J] & I made the decision to move from the chicagoland to des moines, IA ..we were frequently asked “why”. now we can say because it’s “America’s Wealthiest City” according to the Today Show. which means it has to be true. [I start every day with matt, al, savannah, & natalie. and want hoda & KLG’s job].

des moines, where regular folks can live the rich life.

4 // go to bridal shows. they’re overwhelming & remind you just how big a task planning a wedding is. but it’s a one-stop shop for vendors. and you can win great items! [J] & I won a one-hour swedish massage, which will absolutely come in handy. and we won an iPod shuffle from a local printing company we plan to use! when I went to pick it up, they took my photo for their FB page ..

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com

[just a bit frazzled looking; it was early & I had just spent the previous two hours shopping for bridesmaid dresses].

have the best weekend.

see you monday.

2013: year in review.

2013: year in review // LLinaBC.com

I’d say 2013 was one for the books. [J] & I moved to des moines, IA, and made our apartment a home. we traveled to minneapolis for a weekend with amazing friends. and celebrated mother’s day in one of the sweetest, little towns the amana colonies. my dad, [J], & I banded together to throw my mom an unforgettable 50th birthday. megan of the thread affect + I finally met/went to a blogging event in chicago. I fell in love with des moines, especially the farmer’s market breakfast burritos. attended my family reunion in small town iowa. took the most amazing 16 day cross-country road trip, #LLontheBIGroad. GOT ENGAGED at mount rushmore! celebrated my 26th birthday & [J]’s golden birthday. [J]’s parents threw us an engagement party in chicago. and we can’t forget christmas.

enjoy the last two days of 2013.

[ps: it’s snowing!].


thee announcement.

we’re on the move. again!

after 9+ months since our transition from new york to chicago, we’ve made yet another drastic decision ..

DSM zts photo{photo by Sarah @ ZTSphoto}

we’re moving to Des Moines, Iowa!

the details are a tad fuzzy. but what I can tell you ..we have a place!! and we’ll definitely be residents of Iowa within the next two weeks!!

it happened so quickly. we went to des moines a couple weeks ago to look at apartments, and get a “better idea“. what we didn’t intend to happen, did ..we fell in love with a place. applied. & recently found out ..the apartment we had our eye on is now ours! so that’s that. did I ever think I’d move back to my home state? nope, not ever. but I can honestly say, [J] & I are ecstatic. and oh so very ready for our next chapter to begin.

woo hoo!!

you can call us traveling nomads. I think we qualify now.

you only live once.