monday motivations.

monday motivations //

I apologize for today’s radio silence. I’ve been swamped, playing catch-up after all of yesterday’s fun. so many fun & exciting projects in the works, and on the horizon.

quick mention: the go blog social early bird ticket price has been extended, until february 15th. attending conferences, like this, are so beneficial. you meet so many people. learn so much. and go home ready to take on the world. I’d love to know if you plan on attending.

happy monday!

a little extra push.

lately, I’ve felt a bit stuck in a holding pattern. not quite sure what the next step to take is. and essentially sadly kind of waiting for it to find me. well that doesn’t usually happen. it’s called chasing your dreams, because it’s hard work. you have to build them. make them. live + breathe them. and be crazy brave enough to do it.

never give up on a dream //

“the time will pass anyway”.


why not spend the time doing something you love?

cheers your morning coffee to chasing your dreams!