the best souvenirs.

as I mentioned last week, [J] was away on business, for 7 days. he came home for 48 hours. and off he went again ..

he travels frequently for work. it can be sudden, or planned in advance. he could be gone for a week, or a day. it’s really hard to keep up with. but you’d think after two years of living together & his schedule staying consistently inconsistent, I’d be well-adjusted. 


I’d much prefer to travel with him; gallivanting around, while he’s working. unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

for allllll the times it’s not, he brings me back ..

the best souvenirs.

next to traveling myself, I love souvenirs. they’re thoughtful. even if it’s a knickknack you’re going to toss in a drawer, never to be seen again – they say “I was thinking of you while I was away”. it’s the thought that counts people.

what makes the best souvenir: an item that you can bring home and your loved one can experience, as if they were in the city themselves.

a few of my favorites.




they’re all things heavily associated with their city, at least in my mind. what’s more new orleans than hurricanes & cafe du monde? oh, beads. but what the heck would I do with those? decorate our kitchen?

a piece of the city comes home with you. for the person you wished had been there.

[J] the bar is set really high now. but whatever you do, don’t try to sneak the empire state building in your suitcase. TSA is unlikely to let you through. I’d happily settle for the TODAY show cast.

enjoy your tuesday.


let’s review:


firstly, this blog has been my saving grace. it is something I thoroughly enjoy love. and have loved growing it so much more this past year. I started it slowly in october of 2010, to document my move to NYC. since I have written 192 posts ..167 of those were in 2012. I’d say that’s some major progress ..

LLinaBC top 5 posts of 2012

  1. {pinterest fails}
  2. {the BIG announcement} to move to chicago.
  3. I have no idea why, but this post from 2011 has stood the test of time ..& was a top runner in 2012 {hey curly hair}.
  4. {lovely little announcement} when [J] & I announced our TwoCoins etsy store opening!
  5. and, this {week in photo}

not so dainty

and the year according to LLinaBC ..

I celebrated {one year} living in new york city.

lower manhattan

traveled to {philadelphia}, {san diego}, {orlando}, {washington DC}, {new orleans}, {des moines}, {new york city}, {colorado}, & my {hometown}.

new orleans


moved to {chicago}. and transformed this blog from iowa meet nyc to {little lessons in a BIG city}.

moving first us apartment

got {instagram} on my android [now that was a good day].

got an {unexpected gift} from my parents. clearly a subtle hint.

I went to my first music festival {lollapalooza}.


I got a {job}. then I {quit}.


I turned {twenty-five}. and the next day, [J] turned {twenty-seven}.

[J] planned & organized [with my help] an amazing charity event for multiple sclerosis – {Toast to a Cure}.

toast to a cure for ms

took a stab, or three at an outfit post: {here}, {here}, {here}


I interviewed [J] for a special {man behind the brackets} post.

and ..I had a couple {low moments}.

learn how to sail my shipand a couple unforgettable ones ..

painted pumpkins callenchristkindlmarket11 good people in the world gingerbread winner

so maybe this review was for the best. it’s easy to focus on the bad {a whole lot of months of unemployment} and forget about the good {a happy relationship, a growing blog, a lot of travel, & many exciting opportunities}. I’m fortunate.

and am excited about taking on 2013.

brrrrring it on.


off to NOLA.

[J] and I are “leaving on a jet plane” today.

destination: new orleans, louisiana. [NOLA].

the occasion: my beautiful friend, Rachelle’s wedding <3

I could not be more excited to see her, our friends. & be there for her WEDDING!!

we all met in london, in 2009.

where we became life-long friends.


we haven’t all been together since october 2010. [way too long].

where we met reunion-style in chicago.

I cannot wait to see them all. + visit NOLA. & with [J].

{source: sara kelley photography}

bring on the down south, friend-filled, wedding weekend :)

happy weekend all.