let’s review:


firstly, this blog has been my saving grace. it is something I thoroughly enjoy love. and have loved growing it so much more this past year.¬†I started it slowly in october of 2010, to document my move to NYC. since I have written 192 posts ..167 of those were in 2012. I’d say that’s some major progress ..

LLinaBC top 5 posts of 2012

  1. {pinterest fails}
  2. {the BIG announcement} to move to chicago.
  3. I have no idea why, but this post from 2011 has stood the test of time ..& was a top runner in 2012 {hey curly hair}.
  4. {lovely little announcement} when [J] & I announced our TwoCoins etsy store opening!
  5. and, this {week in photo}

not so dainty

and the year according to LLinaBC ..

I celebrated {one year} living in new york city.

lower manhattan

traveled to {philadelphia}, {san diego}, {orlando}, {washington DC}, {new orleans}, {des moines}, {new york city}, {colorado}, & my {hometown}.

new orleans


moved to {chicago}. and transformed this blog from iowa meet nyc to {little lessons in a BIG city}.

moving first us apartment

got {instagram} on my android [now that was a good day].

got an {unexpected gift} from my parents. clearly a subtle hint.

I went to my first music festival {lollapalooza}.


I got a {job}. then I {quit}.


I turned {twenty-five}. and the next day, [J] turned {twenty-seven}.

[J] planned & organized [with my help] an amazing charity event for multiple sclerosis – {Toast to a Cure}.

toast to a cure for ms

took a stab, or three at an outfit post: {here}, {here}, {here}


I interviewed [J] for a special {man behind the brackets} post.

and ..I had a couple {low moments}.

learn how to sail my shipand a couple unforgettable ones ..

painted pumpkins callenchristkindlmarket11 good people in the world gingerbread winner

so maybe this review was for the best. it’s easy to focus on the bad {a whole lot of months of unemployment} and forget about the good {a happy relationship, a growing blog, a lot of travel, & many exciting opportunities}. I’m fortunate.

and am excited about taking on 2013.

brrrrring it on.


the week in photos.

happy weekend.

& happy 6 days until thanksgiving!

there’s something about the holiday season that naturally lifts your spirits. hello holiday cheer!

and cheers to one of the last non-holiday-influenced week in photos .. :)

  1. I got new ‘boots with the fur‘. courtesy of my aunt. just in time for the brrrr¬†[I can’t say the w-word, yet].
  2. I took my happy-self to the dollar store & hobby lobby for some DIY supplies. [I’ll be sharing the projects on the blog next week].
  3. my aunt [that got me the boots] ALSO got [J] & I these handy refillable, travel-size perfume bottles. made by travalo. they’re so easy to use!
  4. the finished product: [J]’s cologne is now in a convenient, airport-security-friendly bottle ..and he’s ready to leave for NYC. [my bottle is pink!].
  5. on tuesday night, I made myself a scrumptious cup of hot chocolate. topped with whipped cream & chocolate shavings, of course.
  6. then I looked outside, and saw ..SNOW! ugh.
  7. [J] was in NYC this week, for business. and sent me this shot of him in times square. ahh, I miss it. a little.
  8. AND he brought me back a pint glass from the heartland brewery. which I love, an old date spot of ours :)
  9. HE’S HOME! [you can thank the pink hue to my phone cover].

have an amazing weekend everyone.

don’t forget: like little [lessons] in a BIG [city] on facebook. when it reaches 100 followers, there will be a giveaway!! [22 away – let’s do it! ..please] :)


happy birthday america.

[you have to love when a holiday falls on the middle of your week].

happy birthday america. you’re a great place to live. & I’m happy to call you home.


when a holiday rolls around, my go to question: what did I do last year?

well …

[J] & I walked right outside our apartment door. and sat our happy butts right down on the boardwalk, for a spectacular view of the macy’s fireworks display. and the empire state building suited up in its red, white, & blue glory.

[we don’t commonly drink “bud heavy,” but on the 4th, how can you turn down american flag cans? you can’t!]

[on the “jersey side”]

we had an amazing view. that now makes for amazing memories.

now to 2012 …

we WILL be seeing fireworks tonight [somewhere]. unfortunately, they might be us lighting our own sparklers in the backyard. [damn the drought]. but yesterday, we had a preliminary celebration: riding bikes & beachin’ in chicago.

it was great [& scorchin’].

[we rented bikes. & went cruisin’]

[& tried to cool off with popsicles at the beach ..I was turning into a lobster].

boys being boys :)


no matter what you do to celebrate today … enjoy yourselves. wear patriotic colors. remember why we’re celebrating.

[and stay cool].