instagram for ME [android].

I am happy ecstatic to report instagram welcomed android users on TUESDAY. I first caught wind of instagram making the move during south by southwest. but the date was TBD. well, its here. And my life has changed. I feel included. My need for an iPhone ..out the window. I have everything I need [now] on my android.


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[warning: I only have SEVEN days left living in New York. So there may will be an overload of NYC shots!!]

have a grrrreat EASTER weekend.

it is [J] & I’s last wknd in NYC..


Me: “What day is it?”

Jeff: “Sunday.”

Me: “I know that. What day?”

Jeff: “The …8th.”


One year ago today, I boarded a one-way flight to New York City. No job, no real plan, and no clue what I was getting myself into. I am happy to report a year later ..I have a job, I kind of have a plan, and I’m excited about what year two has in store! I have definitely come to realize why “not everyone makes it in New York,” but that’s what makes it all the more rewarding (and stressful, at times). It’s easily been the best adventure of my life. Not a single regret here.

the photograph Jeff snapped of me when I arrived at LaGuardia.

my first glimpse of my new home – New York City.

iowa girl meet the public transportation.

central park.

Now …off to the neighborhood bar with Jeffrey.. a celebratory drink is in order :)