manic monday.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.

[J] & I took a road trip to des moines, IA. the trip was planned on a whim. and a nice little escape. until our drive back to chicago on saturday night ..5 hours in a “wintery mix” [aka: freezing rain & snow]. watching cars drive right into the ditch does nothing for my heart rate ..but thanks to [J]’s driving, we arrived safely.

on sunday, [J]’s brother gifted us round two of our christmas present – the installation of our remote start. [if you live in cold temps, these are invaluable!]. I can now start the car from the comfort of my nice warm bed. if I wanted to. while his brother was hard at work, we were enjoying #SundayFunday. someone’s gotta do it.

scenes from the weekend ..

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC bloody mary[J], the behind-the-scenes man, was hard at work on my giveaway image for {TheDailyTay}’s blog. so I made him a bloody mary [in the newest addition to the {not-so-dainty} collection; the beer mug].

beer glassI chose to drink beer from our {not-so-dainty} wine glass. what can I say ..I like stemware!

yay giveaway!you like them too? I’m giving away a pair on {TheDailyTay}’s blog. [BONUS: there are 15 other bloggers giving away some serious goods]. what are you waiting for? go! enter!

SONY DSC[I learned how to multi-task: playing with dog & baby simultaneously. boooom!].


and last but not least, a quick shout out to kirsten @ {objets d’envy}. the first piece of jewlery [J] ever got me was from her. and I’ve been in love since. so, I got my mom’s christmas present from her. when I received the sparkle in the mail, I contemplated keeping one of the two pieces. but guilt set in. so she got both!

necklace earringsnow off to the land of productivity. at least, I hope. my to do list could stretch to the moon, wrap around 8x’s, and come all the way back. impressive. especially for someone without a paying job.

happy manic monday.


the week in photos.

it is a dark, rainy monday.

so I will momentarily reminisce on last week. for cheering up purposes.

[& because friday lacked “my week in photos.again.]


my “little” brother turned twenty-four on tuesday. which means two things: 1) we’re the same age. 2) I have twenty days before my birthday. oh yes folks, we’re “irish twins“. [definition: siblings born less than 12 months apart]. that’s us. so my days being twenty-four are dwindling. but back to him. he lives in colorado, so this year we had to settle for a telephone “happy birthday“. BUT he did send me a picture of his gift from his girlfriend [whom I have yet to meet] …and I had to share. she’s clearly a great gift-giver.

[a bag set: iowa hawkeyes & the colorado flag].

on thursday, it was [J]’s little sister’s eighteenth birthday. [birthdays galore]. we all benefited. yahoo! we enjoyed a delicious homemade breakfast.

[I will never be too old for a pancake with a face. never].

we got dressed up for dinner. I went classy + fun. classy being my LC Lauren Conrad Blazer. fun being my red denim. and the bonus piece, my objets d’envy rock candy bracelet. [compliments of the BF. he’s a good gift-giver too].

on our way to the birthday dinner …

[isn’t he such a doll??]

and guess who was there? my best friend. sweet, precious, 1 month old callen. ahhhhh. True or False: I ate my dinner as fast as I possibly could so I could hold him while everyone else ate. TRUE! and then I passed him on to [J] …

[aw, the sweetest].

and onto the random moments of the week …

my grandma sent me a care package. I love when they magically appear on the doorstep. I’m like a kid on christmas opening them. her cookies are amazing!

[she sure used the space wisely: I’ll be 10lbs heavier, but happy after all these].

I had to …

[got to love a good popcorn ball].

we played keep away from the dog …

[she was less than impressed].

and last but not least, I came to the realization that we I take an overload of “car pictures” …

[that does not mean they will stop].

it’s monday: make the most of it.

happy week all.