travels // go blog social.

I had my heart set on attending go blog social this year. I also had my heart set on starting a new job. with training, and lack of vacation days because I’m saving almost all of them for my wedding ..I didn’t know if I could make it work. long story short ..

I will be at half of go blog social.

I am taking off to kansas city on friday (after work). to meet some of my favorite bloggers. and learn how to make this blog just a wee bit better.

here are a handful items I will absolutely be taking with me ..

go blog social //

1 // fun notebook; a lot of great info will be shared. 2 // colorful pens; just because I can. 3 // business cards; essential for networking with other bloggers.

4 // maxi dress; comfortable + chic for a long day. 5 // large tote; because you only have two hands. 6 // bright nail color; why not?

7 // sandals; you’re going to be on your feet all day. 8 // pocket file; to organize all the business cards you’ll be receiving. 9 // breath mints; no explanation necessary.

if you’re also attending, I want to know! and for those of you who are not, you can count on me to take good notes & photographs.

let this week begin ..

happy monday!

DIY: blanket ladder.

ever since moving into our new place, I have been craving [yes, like I crave chocolate] a ladder, in our living room, to hang our blankets. I’ve seen these ..everywhere. [aka pinterest]. but once [J] & I began shopping for one, we realized: too expensive. not “oh my goodness I cannot afford that” but rather “it’s a ladder you can’t even climb, with THAT price?“. that kind of expensive.

so we took our happy-selves to home depot. and took on the project.

[I’d be lying if I said I made this. I didn’t – [J] did. but I could have, easily. he’s a perfectionist. and a glorified handyman. so I watched & took pictures. I could have made it!].

DIY blanket ladder //

DIY blanket ladder //

[J] & I knew we’d need two side beams & we wanted four “steps”. after measuring the corner our ladder would be calling home ..we decided we wanted a 7 ft ladder, with 2 ft “steps”.

did you know home depot cuts the wood for you? I was amazed.

DIY blanket ladder //

you may want yours shorter or taller, wider or skinnier, with more steps or less. do what works best in your home – these are the measurements that worked best in ours.

DIY blanket ladder //

[do any of you watch pretty little liars? if so, doesn’t it look like -A is building this?]

drill holes through the beams & into the cylinders. screw bolts & washers into the sides. [technically [J] says, this step uses a ratchet. but I’m sticking with the verb ‘screw’].

DIY blanket ladder //

boom – you have a ladder!

[do not climb. or do your own risk]. I did. & survived.

now comes the painting: we used {rust-oleum satin paint & primer in one} spray paint. color: espresso brown. [we’re doing the brown & teal-ish thing in our living room]. 

DIY blanket ladder //

I love the color. 

[we only did one coat, and just touched up spots we thought could use a bit more].

DIY blanket ladder //

DIY blanket ladder //

I’m in love.

it was the missing piece in our living room. the best part: it was inexpensive & we made it ourselves. oh the feeling of accomplishment.

lesson learned: if you can dream it, you can build it. and home depot will cut it. 


the real lesson: if you are craving an item, a tad out of your “willing to spend” range ..consider making it yourself. you may be surprised.

happy tuesday!


when the roommate is away..

I’m off start my monday. with a large coffee.

sadly, I’m taking [J] to the airport. it’s business trip time. regardless of the length of the trip, I hate saying goodbye. especially at the airport. but I can’t wait until thursday, because I LOVE picking him up. it’s a mini christmas.

while he is frolicking working in NYC, I have BIG plans.


I thrive in an organized environment. and lately, I’ve been living in organized just plain chaos. while the roommate is away, the other will play….. martha stewart.





now that I have some inspiration. and my distraction man is out of town. let the organizing begin!

happy monday all.

[I’ll keep you updated on my progress].