beauty // makeup novice.

when it comes to makeup, I can use all the help I can get.

my daily routine takes a total of 5 minutes, if that. and includes a light concealer under my eyes [& any blemishes], maybe powder, blush, mascara. the end.

so when angie, a mary kay beauty consultant, reached out to me to test some products, I didn’t even hesitate. my favorite: she gave me tips + tricks and was more than happy to guide me on what was best for my skin tone & eye color.

beauty // makeup novice c/o

beauty // makeup novice c/o

beauty // makeup novice c/o

I have a thing for nail polish. and this carefree coral officially tops my list. it may actually be the perfect wedding day shade. I love it that much. it’s bright + beachy, yet pretty + sophisticated.

when it comes to lip color application because I really struggle in this area, angie recommended the “satin lips” set; it comes with a mask and a balm. the lip mask removes that dry layer of skin to reveal a nice smooth lip to apply color to. and also helps keep your lip color on longer. I want to wear much more lip color this summer, so I’m putting this in my order.

she is generously offering 10% off to all of my lovely readers. just mention “chelsea10“. view all the products here. and send her an email [] with your order.

my mom is coming to town this weekend, so we’ll be putting our order in together.

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happy thursday.

on the jewelry organizer bandwagon.

DIY jewelry organizer //

if you haven’t noticed, these bad boys are ALLLLL over {pinterest}. everyone is creating their own jewelry organizers. now – I can officially say, I’m a passenger on the bandwagon.

I am in between “permanent residences,” so my jewelry has been living in limbo [along with me]. in boxes, travel bags, etc. well, I put my foot down. took my happy self to hobby lobby. and got “the goods“.

then I just took the glass out of the frame. cut the aluminum sheet to fit perfectly. and it was ready to be adorned with my necklaces, hung by their ornament hooks with care. in hopes they would be more frequently worn. [like how I did that?]


DIY jewelry organizer // with necklaces.

all decked out.

DIY jewelry organizer //

DIY’ing may seem glamorous, but it’s hard work. I took a ‘behind-the-scenes’ photo, just in case you thought differently.

DIY jewelry organizer // and when I’m on a roll, I go with it. [they come so rarely]. so I organized my make-up too. [in an over-sized wine glass. & a mason jar. of course!!].

DIY jewelry organizer // I’d say: a job well done.

DIY jewelry organizer // if you’re one of the very few who have not revamped your jewelry storage – it’s time. if not for the sake of organization ..then for pretty factor. I love waking up & going to my little beauty corner. ahhhh, happiness.

happy thursday.