irish candy cane.

family secret no longer: once all the food is prepared on thanksgiving morning, before all the guests arrive, we take a shot of baileys. to say “we succeeded in not burning down the house”. or the fact that we can finally sit down. either or. for those wondering, why a shot of baileys? three reasons. 1] we like to have fun. 2] but we have taste buds. 3] and don’t want to pass out under the table.

this cocktail is in honor of my family’s thanksgiving morning baileys shot.

irish candy cane //

irish candy cane //

ingredients: baileys irish cream // peppermint schnapps // ground cinnamon.

irish candy cane //

in a cocktail shaker: one part baileys, one part peppermint schnapps, and a dash of cinnamon.

irish candy cane //

shake + pour into a martini glass.

optional: add fun colored sprinkles to garnish.

irish candy cane //

irish candy cane //

to put a little ‘pep’ into your thanksgiving morning. or for you to get into the holiday spirit.



colorado. [part 1].

[part 1].

our time in the mountains. {copper mountain} to be exact.

9 family members [3 snowboarders + 6 skiers]. one whole day. 16ยบ temperatures. and a whole lot of snow.

the day’s progression ..

copper mntlove at first sight. ahhhh!

to the mnt we goski liftthere’s no turning back now .. [me, [J], cole (my brother), & anna (his GF)].

jeff on snowboardit was snowing, mucho.

cole & annaschnapps drink upshortly after this picture, a fellow snowboarder decided steering was not his strong suit. and crashed right into [J] ..or worse, right into his left knee. he “troopered” down the remainder of the mountain, but had to be put on the temporarily disabled list [for the rest of the day]. thankfully, we had gotten 8 or 9 grrrreat runs in before this incident. and no one was disappointed to head into the lodge to warm up, & grab cocktails!

bloody marythere were zero seats available [of course] ..& I had little to no feeling in my feet, so I just plopped on the ground to enjoy my ultra spicy bloody mary. I don’t know if it was the bartender’s skill or my need for spicy [or hot] ..but it was my best bloody mary to date.

CHEERSthe entire group.

[anna, my dad, [J], brother, aunt sheri, uncle gary ..& the two little munchkins cousins: paige & colin].

we had a round of fireball shots. they warm you up from the inside out.

then the group headed back out for one last run. except [J], anna, the cousins, & I ..

we stayed in the lodge. for a second round of cocktails & hot cocoa.

round two double fistit was a great day, had by all. the only [two] things that could’ve made it better ..warmer weather + [J] avoiding injury. but regardless, we loved being on the mountain together. so we are making it a goal to get back out to colorado in the spring ..for more mountain time. spring skiing is generally more enjoyable ..[higher temps, more snow].

[part 2] comin’ on monday.

happy hump day wednesday.