currently ..

I am loving tuesday nights. [pretty little liars + smash]. paired perfectly with comfy clothes, the fireplace lit, a glass of wine, & you have perrfection.


I am reading three books: {the happiness project}, {blog inc.}, and I only have a few pages left of {the night circus}. which I will be finishing today! my review will be posted tomorrow. [the next book club read will also be revealed].


I am adoring {the happiness project}. I’d give it to my happiest of friends. it’s an inspiring read.


ever since monday’s {chicken noodle + kale soup}, I am obsessing over the kitchen. so that’s where you’ll find me. concocting another recipe. to be shared soon.


next week is one of my favorite holidays – st. patrick’s day. the blog will be celebrating allllll week long. fun will be had, don’t miss it!


I have the best craft/painting project on my mind, but – I’m a tad frightened of putting it on canvas. I’m more of a pinterest failure than success. if/when I overcome my fear – I will share.


this blog [LLinaBC] will be the home of more DIY projects. more step-by-step recipes. & even, more fun. from now on.



[did I mention I love tuesday nights?]

have the best hump day.

see you tomorrow – book review & the new read announced.

snowed in. and so much to do.

I opened my eyes. looked out the window. and only white. the “slight dusting” we had in our forecast turned out to be another winter storm. meet rocky. [at least he has a better name than last week’s “winter storm Q”].


all I know is it’s not suppose to end until tomorrow. at noon. ugh! did I ever mention I highly despise driving in extreme conditions when it’s snowing? & [J] is gone until the end of the week. so you can find me at home. accomplishing what I’ve been putting off.


the problem areas: the pantry. & the home office.

[J] you should be so, so happy you’re away – I’d be puttin’ you to work!

I’m currently indulging in a love/hate relationship with pinterest. on one hand: so many great ideas & inspiration. on the other: such high standards.

I’m starting with the pantry.




I will not be painting or making any cosmetic changes to the pantry. I just want to organize the food storage. hellllllo that’s the point, right? plus, we’re renting I’d have to paint it back. no way jose. it’s a closet!!

meet my pantry inspiration.

our fifth house pantry

{our fifth house}

hi sugar plum pantry

{Hi Sugarplum!}

a bowl full of lemons pantry{a bowl full of lemons}

the house of smiths pantry{the house of smiths}

wish me luck. as much as I love the finished project. and even the process of organizing. beginning is so daunting. but thanks to nasty rocky, I have little choice.

if you’re in the snow storm’s rath: stay warm. & safe. if you’re not, like [J]: you’re lucky.

happy tuesday.


grey + yellow.

I blame thank pinterest for so many things. but by far, my favorite [to date] is the grey + yellow color scheme. to me, it’s the perfect blend of relaxing comfort & happily bright.

in [J] & I’s last apartment, our bedroom was decorated simply in black + white, with red accents. until I found the best looking striped grey comforter. [then we moved, and my vision was put on hold].

our soon-to-be [in 7 days] bedroom will be gleaming with yellow accents. & because I was too excited to wait until move in.. I bought an over-sized candle lantern. and explored for further inspiration. let me share ..

grey + yellow bdrm 1{source}

love headboard{source}

atmosphere yellow bdrm{source}

also check out {here} & {here}.

ahh, can we move into our new place already? I’m ready to bring these ideas to life. now.

7 days.

I now must take [J] to the airport, again. he will be hard at work, down in new orleans. until either the 49er’s or ravens are crowned champions. then he’ll return, & we’ll move.

happy tuesday all.