life // 9-5 syndrome.

I have been at my job for four months now. and I am so sad to say, I have the dreaded 9-5 syndrome. It’s an epidemic. but the first step to a cure is realization.

life // 9-5 syndrome c/o

what is 9-5 syndrome? it is common among the adult population. and can be detected when your monday through thursday consists of nothing more than work, dinner, sleep. repeat.

on a serious note, I have truly been struggling to find the energy & time to take on the world do anything after I get off work. but that’s not due to a lack of things to do. there is a wedding to plan [just over 3 months away], creating content for LLinaBC, about 99 things around the house. you get the ideait happens so quickly ..I get home from work, [J] & I make dinner, we spend a leisurely moment on the couch, and BAM! it’s 10:00PM. time for bed. I know my entire life would be happier if I got more done in a day than 8 hours at my desk.

do you suffer from 9-5 syndrome? what are your remedies?

life // daily routines.

change isn’t always a bad thing. occasionally it can help you learn a bit about yourself.

something old // something new // something undiscovered.

• old: I thrive on being busy.

• new: I love early mornings.

• undiscovered: where I’m going to fit a workout into my daily routine.

I just entered my 4th week at my full-time position. but what you may not have known, I also have a part-time job [saturday’s + sunday’s] as a waitress. [it’s become a “money for the wedding” job]. in addition, to time spent blogging. not to mention, there is apparently a wedding I should be ‘actively’ planning? and a gym I should be visiting for said-wedding. all the while getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep. lofty goals much?

I am still working out the kinks in my new routine. please bare with me.

I intend to be successfully juggling it all very shortly.

as for the workout portion of my routine, I’m thinking that’ll be the newest addition to my mornings.

[*editor’s note: I think I can, I think I can].

daily routines //

my motto should be: don’t get overwhelmed; get iced coffee and do more.

happy tuesday.

business casual.

my daily wardrobe has had to make some minor modifications, as of late. [aka: pajamas are no longer acceptable every day wear]. and as much as I enjoyed the company of my lounge-wear, I’ve traded it in. except on nights + weekends.

every work environment varies, along with it the dress code. but regardless my outfit must speak to me and say ..

I am a confident business professional. I am here to be taken seriously and do my job. I do not want my clothes to be a distraction, unless you’re stopping by my office to tell me “I love your outfit!”.

if you have to ask yourself if it’s appropriate, err on the side of caution. don’t wear it.

[as my momma always said, “save something for the imagination”].

business casual //

look 1: bow blouse / soft pants / blue smoking flats.

look 2: deep purple blouse / pebble ankle pants / studded ballet flats.

look 3: geometric blouse / textured skirt / two-piece dress heels.

look 4: striped sweater / skinny career pants / dress wedges.

one more thing: you don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice + professional.

[all pieces $40 or less].

happy wednesday.