walking taco bar.

walking taco bar // LLinaBC.com

walking tacos have always been a favorite of mine. but when I lived in NYC, not a single soul that I met knew what they were. so allow me to explain ..you take a small bag of nacho cheese tortilla chips [*doritos], crush them a bit, and cut open the long side of the bag. then you top the chips with your favorite taco ingredients. see traditional recipe here. and you’re ready to eat.

I created an at-home walking taco bar.

all you need is ..

• nacho cheese tortilla chips.

• ground beef [or turkey].

• taco seasoning.

• and your favorite toppings // cheese, lettuce, onion, taco sauce, salsa, sour cream, black olives, jalapenos, black beans, etc.

the best part of this recipe is the only thing you have to cook is the taco meat. the rest you just put into bowls. and your guests can personalize their creations. people love options.

walking taco bar // LLinaBC.com

shred your own cheese. it’s cheaper & tastier.

walking taco bar // LLinaBC.com

walking taco bar // LLinaBC.com

walking taco bar // LLinaBC.com

walking taco bar // LLinaBC.com

dig in!

and don’t forget, going back for seconds is encouraged :)

happy thursday.

holiday qualifications.

the super bowl has always been a holiday to me.

why? because it meets all of my holiday qualifications ..

• it’s something I look forward to every year.

• I can spend the entire day drinking. and it’s completely acceptable. even encouraged.

• the food can only be described as delicious. or “worth the wait”.

• calories don’t count.

• meat, cheese, and tortilla chips become the only three food groups.

• I stop to think: “has there been a moment today I didn’t have food in my mouth?” then I answer, no.

• the dress code is comfortable.

• there is entertainment.

• and sitting on your couch is the only requirement.

what is not to love?

so clear your calendar of any engagements this sunday. and get to the grocery store before the velveeta cheese + rotel tomatoes are gone! this is serious business folks.

the next three days I will be sharing with you food & cocktail recipes to make the big game that much more enjoyable.

and on sunday, I’ll be live tweeting  during the game. mostly about commercials. but obviously, football too. and photographs of what I’m drinking & eating, because that’s important.

holiday qualifications // LLinaBC.com

see you tomorrow!

and come hungry :)

mexican quinoa.

when it comes to food cravings, I can skip cake + chocolate with ease. but I will never pass up the chance to indulge in chip & salsa dipping, margarita sipping, and south of the border, spicy cuisine.

but since the new year began my wedding is less than 9 months away, I am making a strong attempt to live a healthier life. full of self-prepared meals, a lot of water, plenty of sleep, and exercise. but I have never been one for dieting. the more I deprive myself of something, the more I want it & the stronger the craving. so I have to find a loophole healthier way to prepare my favorite foods. the easier the better.

mexican quinoa.

mexican quinoa // LLinaBC.com

cook 1 cup quinoa as instructed by packaging. I prefer to cook it in chicken or vegetable stock instead of water for added flavor. once quinoa is cooked, heat a skillet to medium-low. add quinoa, 1 can [drained & rinsed] black beans, 1 can rotel diced tomatoes & green chilies, and 1/2 cup of diced onions. stir everything happily together. I like to spice it up with a couple dashes of sriracha, black pepper, and possibly a little cayenne.

mexican quinoa // LLinaBC.com

this recipe makes quite a lot. but don’t fret, you can enjoy it so many ways.

it is a great substitute for spanish rice, as a side dish. or you can roll it up in a tortilla with a little bit of cheese, and call it a taco. smash it between two tortillas, warm in the oven and you have a quesadilla. or my personal favorite ..over lettuce + a few tortilla chips, it’s a meatless taco salad. and so good.

mexican quinoa // LLinaBC.com

you cannot beat a healthy dish that has a ton of flavor and a variety of ways to eat it.

this getting healthy stuff may not be so bad.

happy tuesday!