the week in photos.

it is friday.

I’m off to unwind, at my first ever massage. truth. then after 50 minutes of joy ..[J] & I get to spend 5 hours together, in the car. ROAD TRIP! to des moines.

the week in photos.

rolo pancakes breakfast bagel christmas ornamentsfurbaby

  1. I refused to get out of bed, so [J] bribed me with his rolo pancakes & worked.
  2. the next day I contributed to breakfast ..sausage, egg, & cheese bagel sandwiches.
  3. we helped to take down [J]’s parent’s christmas tree. all I have to say is 764 ornaments. & four hours. [then a well deserved cocktail].
  4. my mom sent me this picture of my furbaby, meeko. we have agreed, most comfortable sleeping position.

have the best weekend.