resolutions of 2015.

best year yet 2015 c/o

so, this year I didn’t make any resolutions. per se. 

2014 was amazing + really could be called “the year of the wedding”. it may just be me, but when you’re planning a wedding [especially two; a destination + hometown] your free time + thoughts revolve around just that. I feel like I accomplished so much and so little. most of what I worked for in 2014 could be summarized into 8 days. [7 for our wedding in the dominican republic + 1 for our hometown reception]. the rest of the year was not a wash though. the highlights: marrying [J], adopting a kitten, purchasing a car, & moving into a new place.

now that we’re married and our days of planning a wedding are behind us, we can get back to focusing on life. so that’s my resolution for 2015, making it the best year yet by taking advantage of every moment + developing myself. I want to become a student again. not by enrolling in school, but by learning + studying regularly. turning the unknown in the known. refusing to be satisfied with the skills I’ve already developed, but by developing them further + adding on to my repertoire of expertise. just to name a few: I want to learn calligraphy, enhance my photography skills, take a photo-editing course, and further develop my social media skills. when you’re in school, you’re constantly expanding your knowledge. some may apply + some may not, but you’re developing. when you enter the “real world,” it’s easy to become complacent in one job with a fixed skill set. I have not + will not be satisfied with that.

cheers to making 2015 the best year yet!

[get the “this will be the best year yet” printable here].

it’s kind of like spring cleaning.

some people loathe greatly dislike new year’s resolutions. and frankly, I can’t blame them. conversations [both verbal + on social media] buzz solely around how we’re going to better ourselves in the new year. gyms become much more crowded. and mcdonald’s becomes much less. don’t fret, people will fall back into their ways next week. but regardless it seems, before the clock strikes midnight every individual will spend at least a moment devising a resolution.

I prefer the word goal over resolution. they’re usually taken a bit more seriously, and have a lower associated rate of failure. you say resolution and people respond “oh honey good luck”. you say goal and people say “you can do it”. apparently my brain was not fooled. last year I wrote goals, in 5 different categories, and kept approximately one in each. it’s better than none.

I, like every year, am diving head first into bettering my life tomorrow in 2014.

I can’t wake up any ol’ day and turn a new leaf. so I tend to rely on momentous occasions, like my birthday ..or a new year.

I’m not boring you with my list of 2014 goals. 

but I will say, if you do one thing today ..set yourself up for success. if your goal is to become healthier, toss out all the cookies + candy and move your work out clothes to a place you can’t avoid in your closet. if you want to become more productive, organize your home or office. and come up with a daily schedule that you can easily follow. if you want to drink more water, treat yourself to a new water bottle that you want to carry with you everywhere. if you want to drink less coffee, this is the wrong blog for advice.

to 2014 //

the kitchen is ready // fully stocked with fresh produce. and I sent [J] to work with 5 boxes of christmas cookies. good riddance.

and today I’ll be working on this ..

to 2014 //

no piece of paper is safe. I’m going through them all. organizing and neatly placing them in a new [properly labeled] home.

one more tip: take down your holiday decorations.

think of it as spring cleaning for the new year.

happy last day of 2013.







welcome 2013, with open arms.

2012 you’ve been an adventure, to say the least. but I am not hesitant to say goodbye. I have a much better feeling about what’s to come in 2013.

I spent the last day of 2012, in the car. road tripping from colorado back to illinois. the entire day. [we got home NINE MINUTES before the clock struck midnight]. I had a lot of time to ponder what I want out of the new year. and how the heck I’m going to get it.

so, I took a couple hours. a piece of paper. 5 categories. and created a list of goals I will work to achieve throughout the year. [I did something similar last year, but my goals were lofty. and lost sight of them quickly. but I learned my lesson, and have a new approach].

meet my ..

2013 goalsfinancial.

  • create a monthly budget.
  • save all receipts, to track my spending.
  • put 2% of every pay check into a “no touch” savings account.


  • run a 5k. [this is lofty for me. I’m not a runner. tips on how to get started or great 5k’s out there would be oh so appreciated].
  • join a gym.
  • go once a week. [minimum. last year I went straight to 5x’s, and when I failed the first week, I quit. whoops. being a little more realistic in 2013].
  • try 5 new workout classes.
  • take vitamins every day.
  • don’t drink a single sip of soda. [which shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t usually drink soda, but had a couple moments of weakness in 2012].
  • weigh yourself on the first of every month. [this is just so I can track my weight throughout the year].

LLinaBC blog.

  • post 5x per week.
  • sponsor two blogs per month. [who should be my january picks?!]
  • become more involved in the blogging community!
  • attend 1 blogger meetup/event. [I’ve always wanted to, but I’m now ready for my first].


  • go to europe [again]. with [J].
  • visit northern california. [I’ve only been to SoCal, but am dreaming of a trip to napa + san fran].
  • explore four new cities.
  • go spring skiing in colorado. [I haven’t since my early college spring break years, but the weather is so perfect. much more than the 8° temps we had in december].


  • read 1 book per month.
  • [continue] to alternate date month. [starting with me in january].
  • be in our own apartment by april 1st. [we’re hoping this will happen much sooner, but like I said goals are much more achievable this year].
  • do a DIY project once a month. [I sincerely enjoy crafting I’m going to make it a point to do more. which I will share, success or failure].

so there you have it. the list of goals I have created for myself in 2013. to ensure I stay on track the entire year, I have made it impossible for me to go through a single day without seeing them. they’re on my phone, laptop background, hanging on our message [cork] board. I have also created excel docs for the harder ones to track [ie. monthly weigh in, blog sponsorships, & completed books]. I placed those in my master binder. where I keep all things important to me.. health, finance, blog, etc-related.

I am more determined than ever to embrace this turning of a leaf.. & to make it the best year yet!

[I will be posting my 2012 year in review on thursday.. dun, dun, dun. but even better, tomorrow part 1 of my CO vacation.. in the mountains].

happppppppppy 2013 all.

may we all have a happy, healthy year ahead.

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