wedding // bridesmaid baubles.

weddings are synonymous with an insane amount of decisions. and when you seek guidance, all can be answered with “whatever makes you happy”. oh thanks, that helps. [insert: sarcasm].

I decided on the bridesmaid dresses fairly quickly. almost too quick, so the second guessing began. but after a little reassuring from the girls who will be wearing the dresses my bridesmaids, I made the final decision. picture this: white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and sapphire blue long strapless bridesmaid gowns.

next decision to be made: jewelry to perfectly complement said gowns + sandy beaches.

thank you to the bauble bar for instantly easing my mind + helping.

I sent a request to their SWAT* team with details of the dresses + what I envisioned. and was quickly greeted by my hero erin, who put together this pinterest board based on the info I provided for her. a couple yes & no’s later, erin created 5 potential looks for my bridesmaids.

wedding // bridesmaid baubles c/o

which way do I go?

I love the idea of a statement necklace with the strapless dresses. but on the flip-side, I love the simplicity of no necklace, just gorgeous drop earrings.

happy wednesday.

must have a theme.

wedding wednesday //

when [J] + I got engaged the race was on to finalize the big details. it was really important that we sent our save-the-dates out as soon as we possibly could. we wanted all of our guests to have approximately a year’s notice about our upcoming [out of the country] nuptials. which raised even more important decisions ..

our wedding colors.

I love jewel tones, and initially went to [J] with the idea of emerald. he liked it, but wasn’t sold. and I wanted an enthusiastic response. so I returned with sapphire, and we happily agreed.

[the soft blue of the water and white of the sand will be the perfect contrast to our deep sapphire blue].

but our job wasn’t done .. every wedding needs a theme. which I didn’t realize until the planning begun. you need a solid idea theme that everything ties to. so whenever you must make a decision about chair covers or the cake, you can have that in the back of your mind to help guide you.

thankfully when we chose our wedding location, the theme fell into our lap.

island, beach, bold blues, yellow accents, and rock & roll.

especially when you’re doing printed items for the wedding, remember: theme. [invites, itinerary, welcome letter, ceremony programs, thank you notes, etc].

must have a theme //

now to start designing our invites!

happy wedding wednseday.


engagement party.

wedding wednesday //

last weekend, [J] & I took off for chicago. to celebrate, a lot.

his parent’s threw us an AMAZING engagement party.

I was so excited to see so many of our friends & family all together, in one room. to announce our wedding date + location. and to fully enjoy this incredible time in our relationship lives.

engagement party //

engagement party //

what I wore // LOFT sleeveless pleat dress / kendra scott white pearl earrings / gold pointy heels similar.

engagement party //

engagement party //

engagement party //

let the games begin.

engagement party //

dressing the groom up as a bride.

engagement party //

engagement party //

engagement party //

engagement party //

engagement party //

I am so, so happy we’re getting married. in less than a year.

let the celebrating ..continue!!

happy wedding wednesday.