valentine’s day prep.

I’ve never been much of a fan of this holiday. but since meeting [J], 5 years ago, I’ve begun to warm up to it. what’s your issue with valentine’s day? to put it matter of factually: a car accident with a stop sign. & an infidelity. two separate years & enough for me to swear off the hallmark holiday for life. or untilĀ I met [J]. our ‘romance’ began just before Feb. 14th ..& that’s when I knew the god’s of valentine’s day were done punishing me! so you celebrate the holiday now? nope. hahaha, but I’m not frightened by it any longer.

my take on the day: guys plan something for their girls, because if they don’t they’ll be in trrrrouble. don’t get me wrong, I like romantic gestures. but I love them even more when they’re unexpected. so [J] & I make a conscience effort to focus on doing little things for each other, randomly. [& traditionally, [J] drops a surprise around Feb. 12th, so not to be confused as a vday gesture].

I’d only share with you my very best date ideas. [& if you’re not into celebrating this holiday, you can use these any time. they’re just all around great ..if I do say so myself]. so without further ado ..

my top 3 thoughtful, romantic date ideas.

take the ordinary dinner date up a notch. pick a theme: your fav cuisine, based on your fav movie. & go with it. #LLinaBCthe idea is to take your basic “dinner date” up a notch. choose a theme [either based on the cuisine you’re craving. or the movie you really want to watch. just some ideas]. my favorites: {mexican} & {asian}. go all out. I’m saying the entire meal, cocktails, decorations, games, movies ..all of it!

scavenger hunt date.I must say this was the best date I’ve ever planned. [read more about it {here}]. I was always very intimidated by scavenger hunts ..there is so much planning involved. but I tackled this date in one hour, that’s all. I gathered a list of [J] & I’s favorite restaurants & bars, and went to town creating clues. he loved it! and so did I. we got to go to a bunch of our favorite places all in one evening!

honestly who doesn't love going on a date? well why not extend the date for the entire day! #LLinaBCI love going on dates with [J]. so it makes sense I love dates that last the entire date. we wake up, grab our coffee ..& spend the whole day acting like children. just happy! a couple of my favorite day dates: {the petting zoo}, breweries or wineries, {tour of the Jelly Belly factory}, museums, aquariums, theme parks. the options are endless, really!

I hope these help spark some ideas for your holiday.

your man wants to be swooned too!

happy tuesday all.