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[J] & I did a happy dance this weekend  – our Iowa wedding reception has a home!

we can now put the finishing touches on our invitations & hand them over to the postman.

but along with this new space comes more decisions to be made. how are we going to decorate it? who will cater it? what food will we serve? what traditional reception activities must we do ..bouquet toss? wedding party intro? should we hire a photographer? what dessert will we serve? how are we going to incorporate our destination wedding into our Iowa reception? I could go on for days. so while there are many decisions to be made & stress to be felt ..I am beyond excited. some genius part of my brain keeps reminding me to enjoy this time planning the wedding of our dreams. it’s going by so quickly.

I want all of you to come along with me throughout the process. and I need your help + input. for the above & below questions.

send wedding help //

for our Iowa reception: cupcakes or a traditional wedding cake?

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for our Iowa reception: simple or extravagant table centerpieces?

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I cannot get over this. and believe I could somehow re-create this for our venue. what do you think? DIY ceiling bouquet.

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and for our beach ceremony: rock TOMS or go barefoot?

8 months 14 days til ‘I do’.

happy tuesday!