pamper your heart out.

pamper your heart out //

when you’ve earned it, you’ve earned it.

we all need an evening to be our only concern. where all consuming-thoughts float away. and we are fully concentrated on relaxing.

after an eternity 8 days of moving, I was covered in bumps + bruises and far too tired to take part in every day life. I’d earned a night of pampering. and don’t get me wrong, I love a spa as much as the next girl. but sometimes the act of leaving the house is so daunting, and in this case unnecessary. so I gifted myself a night of pampering in the comfort of my own 4 walls.

the essentials:

• chocolate // hershey’s kisses.

• wine // fadeaway pinot noir. [from trader joe’s].

• clay face mask // boot botanics shine away ionic clay mask.

• nail polish // sally hansen complete salon manicure. [not pictured].

pamper your heart out //

pamper your heart out //

pamper your heart out //

it is also acceptable on this evening to watch the trashiest of reality television. and to dance around in your robe katy perry music. or better 80’s hits.

you deserve it.

have the best tuesday.

[*editor’s note: I will be releasing a photo of me + my clay mask later this evening on instagram. regardless of hesitation & humiliation. along with my feedback on the product].

[*editor’s note, part two: I received the hershey’s kisses + boots botanics clay mask complimentary for testing purposes from influenster].

how to: at home manicure.

my finger nails are my favorite accessory. hands down. [pun intended].

keeping them pretty + polished takes work, but I make my best effort to make it happen. as a child I fell victim to nail biting especially when nervous, I found the only remedy was to keep my nails painted. because habits are hard to break, but chipped nails are worse. and I’d leave my nails alone only if they were painted. the routine has kind of stuck with me into adulthood.

7 steps to the best at home manicure.

at home manicure //

1 // remove nail polish with 100% acetone nail polish remover. it gets off any polish [glitter included] so much faster + easier. once you go acetone, you won’t go back.

2 // file your nails to your desired shape. I tend to keep mine fairly square-shaped.

3 // lather your hands up with lotion.

4 // use an eyeliner brush, dip in acetone, and clean excess lotion off your nails.

5 // paint a base coat on each of your nails. I am a fan off essie’s grow stronger.

6 // two coats of your favorite nail polish. lately I’m loving: get in expresso lane.

7 // finish with a top coat. essie’s good to go is the only one I’ll use. it provides a glossy shine + it dries so fast. I can be a bit impatient.

my go to winter polishes.

how to: winter skin care.

only second to my fear of winter driving, is my fear of dry skin. especially during the cold months.

I have developed extremely sensitive skin over the past five years. it could be caused by my excessive use of bath & body works scented lotion + victoria’s secret body spray as a teenager. but I can’t officially point fingers. and I’ve always had eczema. thankfully with little to no visual presence for much of my life. but it’s trying to make up for lost time. so it is more important than ever that I take care of my skin. gentle, sensitive, no fragrant, usually more expensive, but definitely worth it products.

winter beauty routine //

1 aquaphor healing ointment // wherever I go, this goes. my dermatologist recommended it, and now ..I swear by it. I primarily use it as my lip balm but it works wonders on any small dry areas [elbows, face, hands].

2 cetaphil daily facial moisturizer // I use this product daily after washing my face + apply my make up right over top.

3 tea tree conditioner // the smells of tea tree oil, peppermint, and lavender are the only way to start your day. and your hair + scalp feel amazing afterwards. tingly, in the best way.

4 tea tree shampoo // use with the conditioner. see above.

5 amazing grace body wash // this body is gently scented and easy on the skin.

6 purity facial cleanser // every single night I wash away the day with this cleanser. and it is worth every penny. it leaves my face feeling so fresh + clean. the best part: if you get it in your eye, you won’t be fazed. unlike other cleansers that send you blindly searching for pain relief, or a towel.

7 dead sea mud spa mask // I received this facial mask complimentary from influenster and fell in love. you take out a mud infused cloth, place it on your face, relax for 10-15 minutes, peel off, toss away, and rinse. the smell is great and it leaves your face feeling baby soft. I will be enjoying a facial mask more frequently, accompanied by a glass of wine.

8 cetaphil moisturizing lotion // my go to. I still shop at bath & body works, but only for candles + soap. I now prefer scent free, lightweight, and gentle.

happy thursday!


more tea tree products.