fashion // pajama party.

occasionally the mid-point of the week has you on the downhill slide to friday. but we all have those weeks when getting out of bed feels equivalent to running a marathon [without training].

for those days, like today, let’s daydream about comfy pajamas ..

all under $13.

pajama party //

I need coffee‘ tee. // ‘be nice or you’ll end up on my blog‘ set. // ‘coffee is my lover‘ set. // ‘oui, oui, oui‘ tee.

as if bedtime isn’t splendid enough .. have a glass of hot sleepy-time tea, put on your comfiest pajamas, and read yourself to sleep.

[now that we know exactly where I want to be this hump day ..]

happy wednesday!

the two best cures.

the two best cures //

I want to jump up & down: friday is here.

I recruited [J] to make chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow for breakfast. after I sleep in, make a large cup of coffee, and then spend the majority of my day in pajamas. it just sounds nice.

do you have any fun weekend plans?

maybe a bit more ambitious than mine.

regardless, I hope it is great.

see you on monday!

#febphotoAday week 1.

1. your view today

out my window [brooklyn bridge].

2. words

a little excited about spray chalk. [testing 1, 2, 3].

3. hands

 how to show “I’m sleepy” with your hands.

4. a stranger

a stranger, feeding strangers.

5. 10am

biggest loser on kinect workout. [kicks my butt].

Happy [Super Bowl] Sunday.