last wknd in chicago.

the week of “the move” is upon us. in two days, actually.

and in preparation, I had a relaxing, stay-at-home weekend. it went something like this ..

winter wonderlandthe weather outside was frightful. [winter finally decided to show up in february].

so I stayed inside ..

buffalo chicken mac & cheese& made myself some scrumptious buffalo chicken mac & cheese. [I used a recipe from {iowa girl eats}, and changed it just a tad].

cocktailI also made myself a cocktail, obviously. cheeeers!

curly hairI curled my hair. this is such a rarity for me, because I stink at it. but thank you to {the small things blog} & her easy to follow hair tutorials ..I’m learning. slowly. if I can do it, anyone can. truly. [the tutorial is very helpful].

bathroom productsand in the midst of all that drinking & eating & hair curling ..I packed one box. under-achiever? maybe. but it was our “bathroom box” and oh my goodness, could we have any more products? I organized everything before packing it away; lotions, hair products, face wash, etc. it was never-ending.

in heavenI wore my favorite game day tee shirt yesterday, to get in the super bowl spirit. “in heaven there is no beer ..that’s why we drink it here“. the power outage was exciting. the halftime show was amazing. the commercials were [overall] underwhelming. and the outcome of the game didn’t affect me one way or another.

but guess what did?

the snow storm that hit the midwest overnight.

shoveling ughlet’s just say I earned my cup of coffee this morning. snow is heavy.

I am keeping busy this morning. trying not to watch the clock. [J] is flying home today. tomorrow we’re loading up our belongings. and wednesday morning we hit the road, to iowa. you could call it an exciting, action-packed week.

happy monday.