sorry we party.

on saturday, we woke up stress-free [the event had been a success …& was over!!].. to coffee & bagels. clearly knowing it was destine to be a great day. what was our plan? to party. I don’t know if you’ve met a hawkeye football fan before, but we take our game days very seriously. and regardless of the outcome, we will enjoy ourselves.

the game: the university of iowa vs the university of northern iowa.

two places close to my heart. one being where I attended college [go hawkeyes]. the other in the town I grew up in [when you’re not playing iowa, go panthers]. so [J]’s parents, my mom, my friend [ash], [J], & I headed over to a neighborhood bar & grill.. all decked out in our black & gold.

[he was forced into rolling his pants legs up for this].

[like mother, like daughter].

we drank. we ate. we cheered. & we won.

the party didn’t stop there.

it was a gorgeous night, so… we continued the party in the tree house.

[until it got dark].

then the night was still too young to quit, so… we played drinking games. while my mother acted as DJ; of some of the finest 70’s music.

sunday was a tad on the rough side. but sometimes you just have to be responsibly irresponsible. & celebrate the win to the fullest, because you don’t know when the next one will be. [just kidding. I’m a hawkeye through it all].

cannot wait to see what next saturday brings :)

happy tuesday.