make sure to wear green.

occasionally the extremely pale, sun-sensitive skin and countless freckles get the better of me.

but most of the time, I’m just blessed to have strong irish roots.

we’re known for being kind, fun, and able to drink a beer, or eight. which is me to a T.

 I hope you are all spending this day the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. unless you’re working, like me. then celebrate with a beer afterwards.

but if not, may it go a bit like this ..

start with chocolate chip shamrock pancakes ..

make sure to wear green //

make sure to wear green //

make sure to wear green //

then eat a reuben sandwich [corned beef + cabbage americanized, aka between two pieces of bread]..

make sure to wear green //

make sure to wear green //

and drink an irish or green beer ..

don't forget to wear green //

but most importantly, don’t forget to wear green.

or fear being pinched.

don't forget to wear green //

apartment tour coming this week …

have the best monday!

it’s almost ..

seven days until st. patrick’s day makes its annual appearance. and the my world turns a hue of green.

allow me to dig through the archives, and uncover a few favorites ..

st patricks //

a tutorial on green beer, of course.

st patricks //

an irish flag-inspired manicure.

st patricks //

a cocktail recipe for the irish red.

st patricks //

step-by-step instructions + pictures for baked reuben cups; everything you love about a reuben sandwich, but in a more bite-sized package.

“May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire“

- an old irish proverb.

yes, another. they’re quite clever those irishmen.

happy monday.

currently ..

I hope you all had the best st. patrick’s day.

I was just happy to have [J] home. its been three weeks. we’re still ‘settling’ into our new place. and have barely explored our new city. so time spent together was well overdue. we didn’t do anything too crazy, but loved every minute of it.

it went a little something like this ..

on saturday, we went downtown des moines; a little parade & green beer celebratin’.

[the sun was really bright].

too bright shot

and a police officer saw us me struggling. so he took the picture for us ..

downtown DSM st pats

green beer page

on sunday, we took a more laid-back approach to the holiday.



[J] steps up his pancake-makin’ game for holidays. mint green chocolate chip pancakes.

then came the fun part.

afternoon tea

a long day/night of organizing.

organization papers

I told you we were still ‘settling’ into our new place.

capping off the night with a trip to the grocery store. oh to be an adult.

how’d you celebrate?!

[I’m working on a new breakfast recipe for the blog. stay tuned].

happy monday all.