make sure to wear green.

occasionally the extremely pale, sun-sensitive skin and countless freckles get the better of me.

but most of the time, I’m just blessed to have strong irish roots.

we’re known for being kind, fun, and able to drink a beer, or eight. which is me to a T.

 I hope you are all spending this day the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. unless you’re working, like me. then celebrate with a beer afterwards.

but if not, may it go a bit like this ..

start with chocolate chip shamrock pancakes ..

make sure to wear green //

make sure to wear green //

make sure to wear green //

then eat a reuben sandwich [corned beef + cabbage americanized, aka between two pieces of bread]..

make sure to wear green //

make sure to wear green //

and drink an irish or green beer ..

don't forget to wear green //

but most importantly, don’t forget to wear green.

or fear being pinched.

don't forget to wear green //

apartment tour coming this week …

have the best monday!

kiss me ..I love everything about the IRISH.

st. patrick’s day is in TWO days.

It is truly a holiday after my heart.

I love Irish food. [bangers & mash. shepherds pie. corned beef & hash].

I love Irish beer. [Guinness].
I’ve even been where “the magic happens” ..the Guinness brewery.

I love other Irish cocktails. [irish coffee].
especially made at the Jameson distillery. [insert self-portrait awkward]

I love the homeland. [the mountains, the ocean, the cities].

I love the people. [so friendly. & those accents].
meet kevin: our tour guide/bus driver, who gave us many shots of Jameson.

I love old irish proverbs.
May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire

I love that in Ireland no one has a clue what Irish car bombs are.
And I even love the way Americans celebrate St Patrick’s day.

put on your green, so you don’t get pinched. & …

happy, happy St. Patty’s Day!