health // bath time.

lately I’ve had a hard time turning my brain off at night.

to say there is a lot going on would be a severe understatement. 

a nightly lavender epsom salt bath has been my savior. paired with candlelight, a notebook for my thoughts, and [once a week] a clay mask for my face.

health // bath time c/o

health // bath time c/o

health // bath time c/o

[find epsom salt in your grocery store’s bath section or here].

the do’s + don’ts

do: light candles & turn off all artificial light.
don’t: bring your phone with you. [it won’t do well in water & you want to eliminate outside distractions].
do: play soft music or be in silence. whatever is more relaxing for you.
do: 20 minutes of complete + total brain drain. for some that’s eyes closed, silence. for others, its escaping in a book. or maybe, it’s writing out your thoughts. mine is a combination of all three. so find what works for you.
don’t: tell yourself you can’t find time to escape for a few minutes ..

health // bath time c/o

the weekend is nearly upon us. and my first bridal shower. woo hoo.

happy thursday.

14 days in. and stressed.

we have been in the state of illinois for exactly 14 days now.

I can’t believe how fast the days have gone by. we’ve been busy catching up with friends, family, and trying to adjust.

I like organization & schedules. well friends, there is NO schedule when it comes to job searching. it is a continuous, stressful, trying process [usually done in PJ’s]. but tomorrow I am taking the day to MAKE A PLAN, complete with goals. [an hour by hour plan, w/ SMART goals (haha, like that?), + time for a workout]. you often forget how essential fresh air & exercise is until you’re on the verge of stress-overload. ask [J] I’m on the verge. yikes!

fresh air has been necessary.

a couple views from our walk.

we stumbled upon this old bridge. being the 12-year-olds we are, we couldn’t refrain ourselves. so we climbed :)

it doesn’t look THAT high up. but let me tell you, it’s 20 feet. [that feels like 100].

[J] & my friend, Ash.

[can you tell which photo is the pre- & post- dropping my phone? sad]

[J] has been talking up his soccer game since THE DAY WE MET. [seriously!]. but I had never seen him play, except for the few times we’ve kicked the ball around together. well I got my wish ..he joined an indoor league. on tuesday’s. the first game was a warm-up, clearly, because game #2 he scored 4 goals. I also challenged him to an outdoor game the other day. I’m still sore ..

my little [lesson]:

stress is a hard beast to conquer. [a literal beast; causing emotional & even physical pain]. it is often hard to pinpoint what the cause is, because sadly it’s usually an accumulation of many things.

how to deal:

find a release. [example: meditation, yoga, work outs, walks, BLOGGING]. create a schedule/list. most people know what their stressors are, so the next step is finding a way to REEL it in. for me [currently].. it’s my job search, our apartment search, and adjusting to our HUGE change of location. I need to create goals for myself. It will help me to feel better and see my progress day-to-day, verse looking down at my PJ’s and feeling like a bum. In the situation where the stressor can’t be controlled with organization/goals [example: adjusting to my new location], that’s where your release comes in. The walks, runs, and time spent outside REALLY help. In NYC we didn’t have the beautiful forest-y walks we do now. they’re appreciated!

until next time … :)