funday monday.

funday monday //

or lack thereof.

yesterday I forced asked [J] to accompany me while I filmed for a blog project. [coming soon!]. below zero temperatures aside, we made our way to some of our favorite spots in des moines. and what began as a couple hours of work turned into a day date. we had so much fun.

I am majorly playing catch up today. with so many things needing my attention; boxing up our apartment in preparation for the move. wedding planning. many fun blog projects. volunteering within the community. and hopefully a professional change coming soon. fingers crossed.

happy monday.

see you all tomorrow.

sunday funday.

it’s 88° and gorgeous today. I’m writing from my balcony, which is a first for me. it’s too nice to be inside. I kind of think I should always write out here. [excluding poor weather days].

sunday funday //

I skipped the {blog every day in may} topic yesterday. but I did blog. no great childhood stories were coming to me. [I’ll share a funny fact from my younger years today though. in reconciliation].

“five of your favorite bloggers & what you love about them”.

[all of the links go to one of my favorite post of theirs].

I read a lot of blogs, daily. way more than five. but if I had to choose my favorites [which I clearly do today]. I’d pick ..

the hilarious lifestyle bloggers, that are always good for a laugh. and say the things most people think, but never say. especially {the daily tay} & {mish lovin life}. two girls after my own heart. maybe I love them so much, because we lead similar lives [ish] & have similar blogs [ish]. but dang, they’re so much funnier. someday.

I also love a blog that can teach me a thing or two. insert {iowa girl eats}. a food blogger, who lives in des moines, IA. [J] & I love her recipes. and they frequently make appearances at our dinner table. [side note: if I ran into her, it’d be considered a celebrity encounter in my book. and you all will know].

surprisingly enough, I enjoy a good fashion blog. regardless of my lack thereof. {bows & sequins} & {kendi everyday}. I’m hoping, one day, they will virtually rub off on my attempt at fashion.

and lastly, {love taza}. because eleanor & samson are the most adorable kids. ever. and someday, I’ll have kids as hipster as they are. and as photographed. [sorry future babies. I take pictures of my food, what do you expect?].


and for my childhood fun fact[s] ..

I was 1.5 years old when I got my first [and last] perm. and not even a year old when I got my first eyebrow waxing. [I was on the verge of a baby uni-brow]. what can I say ..I was the daughter of a hairstylist. and I was gifted, through my father’s genes, the most unruly eyebrows. it may seem torturous, but people judge babies with uni-brows. [or maybe I’m just to hard on mah ‘brows]. don’t call child services ..I turned out just fine.

happy sunday funday.