tree of thanks.

the other day, I shared an genius easy way to eliminate the “musical chairs” at your thanksgiving feast with these natural place cards. I told you they held a second purpose.

amidst the food + wine, it’s important to remember what brought you all together and to be thankful. so what better than to jot it down.

each person finds there seats just before dinner is served. once you arrive at your seat, each person is kindly instructed to open up their place card and write what they’re thankful for. they can then share and/or hang them on a tree.

If your thanksgiving group [family or friends] gets together annually or every few years’d be fun to hold onto them for the next holiday feast.

tree of thanks c/o

tree of thanks c/o

tree of thanks c/o

tree of thanks c/o

what thanksgiving traditions do you hold dear?

get more ideas for your thanksgiving by following along with #LLinaBCvsTurkey. so far place cards + vodka are important.

’tis the season.

happy december.

you can officially watch christmas movies, crank up jingle bells, and decorate your house without the risk of being “too early” or “skipping over thanksgiving”.

I held off. reluctantly.

so I’m going to share a couple snapshots from my thanksgiving. and then talk about christmas!

thankful //

hot apple cider. possibly accompanied by a tiny bit of whiskey.

thankful //

grandpa is the designated turkey carver.

thankful //

once a year, just for thanksgiving my mom gets out the set of ‘classic car water glasses’. they were left to my dad when my grandfather passed away. it’s a little piece of him we love having at our dinner.

thankful //

thankful //

post-dinner football watching. with my parent’s sweet, pony-tailed pup.

thankful //

then we had a couple visitors in the backyard.


only 23 short days until christmas is upon us. ahhhh.

sunday begun the 25 days of christmas challenge. [J] + I were tasked with “transforming our home with xmas decorations”.

thankful //

thankful //

thankful //

tonight we’re decorating the tree.

join along #LLinaBCHolidayChallenge.

happy monday.



’tis the week to be thankful.

or rather, the time to reflect + shout from the rooftops what you’re thankful for. and I intend to take full advantage.

let’s start ..

I am thankful for every single person that finds their way to my little corner of the internet, and reads what I have to say each day. I put a lot of thought, time, and effort into each post. and it is a really good feeling to know when it’s well-received. I take pride in my little blog. and it’s important regardless of where it goes, it stays genuine. I gather inspiration from my everyday life; DIY projects you can see hanging on my walls, food recipes I feed my fiance, and clothes you’d find me in if you bumped into me on the street. obviously, I keep it pretty sunny around here. saving the less than blogworthy details of my life, so to speak. not that I don’t want to share [I do]. but someone’s bound to think I’m throwing a pity party. or take it offensively. which is why I’ve been taking notes.

three bloggers that share less-than-sunny details perfectly.

being fired from their dream job. // mish lovin life.

feelings on the week’s top news stories. // the daily tay.

the closing of their favorite place. // hooley with a ‘z’.

they’re an inspiration to me + I’m thankful for them.

along with all of you.

thankful //

 if you have tips on how to open up a little more + keep it entertaining ..I’m all ears!

happy thanksgiving week!!

[cocktail recipe tomorrow].