january book club review.

insert first read: {The End Of Your Life Book Club} by will schwalbe.

the end of your life book clubthe breakdown: this book is a memoir, written from the author’s perspective. learning his mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer [“not curable, but treatable”], and their journey as a family during her last years of life. Mary Anne Schwalbe [the mother] was without a doubt an amazing, inspirational woman, who dedicated her life to enriching others. the actual book club began when Will would accompany his mother to her chemo treatments. the plot moves slowly, as it is sadly based on her last years. but the lessons learned throughout the stories are transforming.

what I thought: in the book, they dive into the true meaning of a “recommendation”. and whether or not, one is ever impartial or all encompassing. so I will not say read or don’t, but rather tell you what I thought ..& you can decide. [oh so philosophical].

I believe this book came to me at the perfect time. it without question puts life into perspective. makes my problems seem trivial, in comparison. and taught me many great lessons. that I’m excited to share.


  • [when speaking to someone with an illness] “better to say anything rather than pretend that nothing was wrong”.
  • [mary anne was a very strong woman] “not ‘pain’ – level of discomfort”.
  • “the world is complicated ..you don’t have to have one emotion at a time”.
  • “celebrate whenever possible”.
  • [on making decisions] “choose a path that allows you to change course. offers an exit ramp”. especially when it comes to moving cities & traveling ..you can always come back.
  • the best prayers are “help me” & “thank you”.
  • “good news & bad news are often relative to your expectations, not anything absolute”.
  • “the greatest gift you can give anyone is your undivided attention“.
  • “it’s being present in the moment. when I am with you, I am with you right now. that’s all. no more, no less”. I think this is especially important nowadays! people are so wrapped up in their digital world, they often don’t focus on what is right in front of them. you may think: but chelsea you have a blog, about your life ..who could be more wrapped up? well, my memory stinks so I value documenting my life through pictures & words ..but more importantly, I make every effort to avoid picking up my phone during dinner [except to take photos of my food] or in someone else’s company.

did you read the book, what did you think? if you haven’t, did I plead a good case as to why you should? can you believe what an amazing woman mary anne schwalbe was? did she inspire you to dedicate more of your time to charity? what is your life passion? what is your favorite lesson from above?

I am thoroughly enjoying the book club. join us next month.

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stay tuned for the announcement of February’s read .. :)

happy [thirsty] thursday friends.


writer’s block.

I’ve been trying to write this post all day long. but every time I start ..it’s not quite right.

go away writer’s block. you’re not wanted.

it seems whenever I have a lot on my mind/a lot to say ..nothing comes out.

so forgive me in advance, this may be a bit jumbled [like the current state of my brain].

here goes nothing ..

there’s no other way to say it ..I have been stressed lately. the kind of stress that leads to random bursts of tears. unemployment sucks. and occasionally, it gets the best of me. I have been so fortunate to have a lot of support [from [J], our families, & friends]. but it wears on you ..feeling like you’re stuck in one place. time for a change, my friends.

[J]’s mom scheduled me a 50 minute massage for tomorrow morning. hallelujah!

also tomorrow, [J] & I are road tripping to des moines for the weekend. for the heck of it, kind of. [to be revealed, all in due time].

as for today ..

beginning of bookclub [J] & I spent some time at barnes & noble. and ..I officially started thee book club book – {the end of your life book club} by will schwalbe. I’m 100 pages in. so far, so inspiring.

we also purchased {the happiness project}. I think now is the perfect time to welcome this book into my life.

and last but not least ..

[J] bought {Blog Inc.} for me!!!!!!!!!!

blog incI could not be more excited. besides the [major] blogging benefits this book will bring to LLinaBC – it means [J] doesn’t mind waiting to eat, until I get the perfect picture. and he’s ok proofreading every single night. [thank you babe!].

on the first page ..

“..while everyone wants to know the secret to blogging success, the common denominator is to have a genuine & passionate voice that readers can connect with”. from grace @ {design*sponge}.

I hope that is what readers get when they read my words. but just in case, I have vowed, to myself & to my blog, to share even more. although occasionally reluctant to share my trials & tribulations ..I’ve never received anything but kind & supportive words. plus it helps to write ..and hey, maybe I’ll help one other person going through a similar situation. [it’d all be worth it].

thank you. that helped.

now that it is 11:00PM ..goodnight!

see you tomorrow for “the week in photos”.


the book club announced.

megan of {the thread affect} & I are starting a book club.

there is nothing better than snuggling up in a blanket, with a cup of hot tea, and losing yourself in a good book. but I get caught up and reading takes the back burner. which is exactly why I made a goal to read one book per month in 2013. and {the thread affect} recommended we start a blogger book club to keep us accountable & on track. the more the merrier.

after careful consideration, we have hand-selected our first book ..

[drummmmroll please …]

the end of your life book club. by Will Schwalbe.

[head over to {amazon} for the description & purchase details].

{the thread affect} & I will be posting our reviews on january 31st.

if you would like to read along with us, we would love to have you! just post your review on january 31st ..let megan & I know ..and we will put a link to your blog on ours!

if you have any questions, just ask!

on another note ..

[J] is taking me to the jelly belly factory today! for a tour. woo hoo!

happy tuesday.