book review: the night circus.

the last book, {the end of your life book club}, restored my love of reading.

this book, {the night circus}, brought back the magic.

much like song lyrics, the words in a book never change ..yet each time they are read an original opinion is formulated, a new lesson learned. it means something slightly different to each person it meets.

happy place the night circus at barnes and noble

I was as engrossed in the pages, as the characters were in le cirque des rêves/the circus of dreams.

simply put {the night circus} is a tale of star-crossed lovers. brought together by magic and a competition they were bound to at a young age. the twists & turns are plentiful. and the love story leaves you wanting more. in a good way.

as I closed the book, I sat there thinking, “what just happened?”. the story is a whirlwind. and somehow, in my mind, I concluded..the underlying theme is a beautiful love story.

“I chose him to contrast her, and to complement. perhaps I chose too well.”

two people destined to be together. all odds against them. overcoming every obstacle in their way. all in the name of love.

I could very well be crazy. but that’s what I took from it. [if I’m crazy, leave me in my la-la-land. I visit so infrequently]. there’s nothing wrong with diving head first into a fantasy-fiction, and coming out calling it a fairy tale. right? 

have you read? what’d you think? any fairy tale-like qualities jumping out at you?

if you haven’t read, but are in search of a good book to get lost in ..give {the night circus} a try.

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we’d love to have you join us for our next #bloggerbookclub read. which is ..

the great gatsby

get it {here}. and start this weekend – I am!


happy thursday.

see you tomorrow for ‘the week in photos’ :)


currently ..

I am loving tuesday nights. [pretty little liars + smash]. paired perfectly with comfy clothes, the fireplace lit, a glass of wine, & you have perrfection.


I am reading three books: {the happiness project}, {blog inc.}, and I only have a few pages left of {the night circus}. which I will be finishing today! my review will be posted tomorrow. [the next book club read will also be revealed].


I am adoring {the happiness project}. I’d give it to my happiest of friends. it’s an inspiring read.


ever since monday’s {chicken noodle + kale soup}, I am obsessing over the kitchen. so that’s where you’ll find me. concocting another recipe. to be shared soon.


next week is one of my favorite holidays – st. patrick’s day. the blog will be celebrating allllll week long. fun will be had, don’t miss it!


I have the best craft/painting project on my mind, but – I’m a tad frightened of putting it on canvas. I’m more of a pinterest failure than success. if/when I overcome my fear – I will share.


this blog [LLinaBC] will be the home of more DIY projects. more step-by-step recipes. & even, more fun. from now on.



[did I mention I love tuesday nights?]

have the best hump day.

see you tomorrow – book review & the new read announced.

the week in photos.

happy march.

that came quickly. have I been living in des moines 3 weeks already? wow. february you’ve been eventful, but you can pack up your snow storm friends and let spring take over. I’m ready.

in the wise words of author gretchen rubin [of {the happiness project}]:

“the days are long, but the years are short.” 

on that lovely note, let me share my last week of february ..

a great moment on the ellen show

if you did not see this moment during the ellen show this week, you need to watch it. she is hysterical. and this is ahh-mazing! see it here: {it’s raining film canisters}.

new coffee sign the happiness project - proofs of love mason jar drinking

happy place the night circus at barnes and noble

I’m loving this month’s book club pick: {the night circus}. I grab a coffee and happily lose myself for hours in this read.

the night circus quote

I think “put effort & energy” means I’m not going to drop a lb [or ten] by just thinking about it. so ..

I’m going to start this month off right. in the gym. 

also, [J] returns from his week-long business trip this afternoon. ohhh happy day! bring on a fun, relaxing weekend with me attached to him [poor guy!]. I’m not crazy ..he leaves again on sunday. a girls gotta take what she can get.

happy friday. hello weekend.

see you monday! for my chicken noodle soup + kale recipe.