life as of late.

oh, hello friday.

do you ever reach the weekend and think ‘oh crap, I have so much to do’?

I’d say .. that’s me.

but I tend to get distracted by lazy, chocolate chip pancake mornings.

do not forget you need to celebrate st. patty’s. maybe [J] can make our pancakes green? or I can make shepherd’s pie.. yum.

I just want to share a couple scenes from my week, c/o my telephone.

1 // my business casual shopping trip to kohl’s. and this bow blouse. [under $20].

bow blouse LC lauren conrad //

2 // [J] + I started the car buying process last week. as in we, began to look. and immediately went for a beer afterwards. it’s not exactly my favorite weekend activity.

the other place //

3 // our master bedroom is coming together. [we still have not hung anything on the walls yet. yikes].

master bedroom //

4 // these ‘just mango slices’ from trader joe’s are my candy. they’re dried mangoes. and I ate the entire package in one day. on accident.

just mango slices //

5 // this sunset scene; captured while drinking a glass of wine on my balcony.

iowa sunset //

have the best day.

and an even better weekend :)

see you monday!

the not-so-vacation.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I come home to visit my parents ..I go into vacation-mode. I want to eat everything, shop with no concern for budget, and DAY drink. it’s strange. so, this is a “what I’ve done the past 24 hours” post. [in photos].

I packed. ran out of room. and then proceeded to take over [J]’s suitcase. standard.

road trip essentials: jimmy johns & dunkin iced coffee.

went to our favorite pizza joint in my hometown, {the OP}. to watch the bears lose miserably, and …

eat pizza. our favorite is the grinder [“a special blend of sausage & beef topped with onions, jalapenos, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese”]. but then we saw the reuben pizza, and had to get that too.

spent quality time with meeko. [he’s mine. I adopted him in ’07. he just so happens to live with his grandparents. who spoil him rotten].

he wouldn’t even let [J] brush his teeth in peace.

we also made sure lexi [my parent’s zuchon] got attention. look at that face!

had lunch at noodles & company [a staple of mine]. with my mom & [J].

and christmas came early this year folks ..

I got FOUR new OPI colors [metallic4life, FLY, plugged-in plum, big apple red] and a new essie top coat. nothing brightens my day like new nail polish. [slight exaggeration. but now you know how happy I am].

[J] & I are off go shopping. and possibly get a brew, or two ..because after all I’m on  not-so-vacation.

happy tuesday.