peach + apple cosmotini.

ladies & gentlemen – I have a mixologist on my hands. and I couldn’t be happier.

I asked kindly for a cocktail. and [J] delivered his amazing rendition of a cosmopolitan martini. [when I say amazing – I mean I had four. sue me was the night of the presidential election. and I needed a dang cocktail to watch the coverage]. thanks to my asking for ‘said’ cocktail something good has now come out of the election. hahaha. JOKE .too soon? ok.

well, I felt compelled to share.

I present to you the ..

peach + apple cosmotini.

[I wanted to call it the josmo, but [J] vetoed it ..after laughing].

the ingredients:

  • absolut orient apple
  • absolut apeach
  • [your favorite] cranberry juice
  • limes and/or rose’s lime juice

the steps:

[I recommend you SHARE or have TWO ‘tinis for yourself. otherwise cut the recipe in half!]

  • 2oz absolut orient apple
  • 2oz absolut apeach
  • 2oz [your favorite] cranberry juice
  • 2oz rose’s lime juice [or the squeeze of 1 lime]

shake, shake, shake.

add a lime wheel, for garnish. pour.

& enjoy!

happpppy THIRSTY thursday.

have a josmo [aka: a peach + apple cosmotini].

friday is almost upon us.

I am dog sitting for a good friend. today & tomorrow.


let me paint a picture:

yoga pants.

short-sleeved sweater.

[it may be a contradiction. but I love: it’s comfort]

glass of wine.

[in a plastic cup]


[with a group colony of fly-aways]

a heavy detailed instruction list.

[thank you friend, it is very useful]


it is now past 9:30PM [central time].

I apologize for a very late post.

[tomorrow: “the week in photos” will be up & ready @ 7:06AM].

I am going to eat dinner now.

[wow, clearly today is a ‘lazy & late‘ kind of day].

happy thirsty thursday evening.