currently ..

[J] kept me up until 4AM, working on the fine print of our {TwoCoins} etsy shop [shipping details, return policy, etc]. then proceeded to wake me up at 9AM, slightly redeeming himself with a venti starbucks coffee. & off to fedex we went! to ship our first order! it’s imperative our first customer receives their order before christmas.

two ‘not-so-dainty’ margarita glasses.

now that that’s done I climbing back into bed for the additional three hours I need to be a semi-pleasant human? nope! because..

it’s party day!

[J]’s mom’s infamous 9th annual ornament party is tonight. it’s my first time attending. big effen deal. and [J] has been recruited head bartender. [I’m going to the bank to stock up on dollllla, dolllla bills. extra tips will ensure I don’t end up on the “cut off” list].

in true “what to wear” fashion ..I prepped my outfit yesterday. here’s a sneak peek.

more pictures to come tomorrow.
more pictures to come tomorrow.

and my [so simple] holiday-inspired manicure.

silver + red mani.
silver + red mani.

the idea came from {TheBrunetteOne} [an iowa, fashion blogger. that I love]. then last night her manicure got some added sparkle ..

happy engagement!!
happy engagement!!

congrats samantha! my manicure is officially envious :)

now time to get ready. & brew a pot of coffee. dang my business partner for keeping me up all night! [love saying ‘business partner’].

5 day 'til christmashapppppy thursday.


new york city [part II].

this was my return trip. the first time I have been back since moving away, 8 months ago.

if you’ve moved away from anywhere, you know the feeling long for your friends, the familiar sights, the established routine, the scrumptious food. all of it.

welp, that’s me & new york. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a plane ticket back for a visit. even just for a glimpse of the skyline. honestly. but I got better; two whole days, to do with whatever I wanted. I shared a portion of {part I} on monday. that was the sight-seeing, touristy portion. today I share the other part; the “pretend I still live in NYC, casually meet up with my friends, doing what we’ve always done” part. [I really loved this].

meet my

SONY DSCmaybe not serious. but busy. from the second we landed, he was off being important. I saw him this once, for lunch. consisting of ..

SONY DSCI knew he’d be busy. I hadn’t planned for much together time. [even though some would’ve been nice].


I did a splendid job filling my time. if I do say so myself.

on night one, I took the train from our hotel in astoria to my friend, Ben’s apartment. on the upper, upper west side of manhattan. he made me an offer I couldn’t resist – an italian feast ..with wine. [he knows me too well].

homemade italianI had every intention of BTS* out of our evening. but I forgot my camera; I was hungry. & nervous I might get lost on the subway. and so I had to settle for broken android photos. ben will not be happy, so forgive the quality of the above & below. [BTS* blog that shit/blogging the shit].


benjiafter dinner, I scrutinized his lack of christmas decorations [according to him]. and he introduced me to {HBO’s: Girls}. which made me feel SO uncomfortable, yet very intrigued. [thank you benji].

on day two, I dedicated the entire day to my former coworkers. & williamsburg [brooklyn]. actually the plan was to meet for lunch ..we had “lunch” until 11PM :)



I worked directly with these two every single day, for a year & a half. it was so good to see them again. uber amounts of catching up were had.

SONY DSCthe rest of the night went something like this …


sorry chicago, I’m participating in a love affair with new york city.

[no, we’re still not moving back].


hahaha. no, but really.

happy thursday!!